Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day 2018 With Rebounderz


The last Saturday in September is reserved each year to observe and celebrate National Health and Fitness Day. This year, September 29 is the day to get your family active and moving! If your family — yes, ALL of the members — is already getting the recommended amount of physical activity, the day will be a day to celebrate your fitness and the health benefits that come along with it. It is also a day to bring community awareness to the cause and encourage others to be as active as your family. However, if you are like the nearly 60 percent of American families that don’t get nearly enough physical activity, September 29 is a day to begin! To help you get started on your family fitness journey, here we will share some ideas on how to get your family active.

Register for a community walk/run and start training

One fun way to get your family active is to set a goal together and work toward it. A community fun walk/run is a perfect goal that the whole family can register for — sometimes even your furry friends can join! Once you have decided on the goal or event, you can begin family training. If you have registered for a 5k, get out and go for daily family walks or jogs, building up to the full distance.

Sign up for an extracurricular activity.

Since every member of your family has different interests and skills, you can embrace this by having each family member sign up for a physically active extracurricular activity. Ideas include swimming lessons at the local pool, karate at the local dojo, soccer at the local rec center, or spin class at the local gym. Whatever it is, get each family member engaged in some activity. Not only will this help each family member be more active and feel better about themselves, but it will offer something to talk about over healthy family meals!

Take turns cooking healthy meals.

A big part of health and fitness is diet. It is important to nourish your family with healthy meals, snacks, and drinks. To help the entire family be more healthy food conscious, encourage family members to take turns planning and creating healthy meals for the family. If a family member struggles with the menu, this is a great opportunity to have a family discussion about healthy diet and nutrition. Have the kids help you clean out the pantry and review the health status of each of the foods in your house. Encourage moderation in the things that are less healthy and offer alternatives for unhealthy foods.

Bounce on over to your local trampoline park.

Get out and engage in some active fun! Spending active quality time together helps to promote healthy physical activity. At an indoor trampoline park, you and your family can jump to your heart’s delight, all the while knowing you are improving your overall fitness while you are having fun!

Here in Lansdale, PA, Rebounderz indoor trampoline park offers quality entertainment that is also healthy for the whole family! Read some of other blogs to learn about all of the health and fitness benefits of trampoline rebounding and then hop on over to trampoline park today!

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