Once you child hits a certain age, it can often be hard to figure out what kind of birthday party they may want. One that can please even the pickiest of teenagers can be hard to come by, but here at Rebounderz, we have just the solution for your teenager birthday party woes. Gather the group and head to Rebounderz in Sterling for an unforgettable dodgeball party that everyone is sure to love. Here’s how to make this awesome party happen for your teen.

The Perfect Dodgeball Birthday Party Venue

No dodgeball event, or in this case birthday party, is ever complete without the perfect venue. Sure, you could just buy some soft dodgeballs and set up a game at the local park, but then you have to worry about the weather, teenagers getting stung by yellowjackets, and a whole slew of other problems. Rebounderz in Sterling is the perfect location to host a dodgeball birthday party. Our indoor Jumpers are already set up as the perfect space for match after match of dodgeball. Don’t just run around; jump your way to victory. At Rebounderz, we are able to host private events where you can rent out a Jumper for a specific amount of time, so your teen’s birthday party has the space all to themselves. Also consider renting a private room for pizza, soda, and the best part, cake.

The Best Cake…EVER

No party is ever complete without the perfect cake, and when you consider that hungry teens will be battling it out in several heated games of dodgeball, they’re going to want to eat. At Rebounderz, we can supply everything but the cake. Because of that, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you out with the cake for your teen’s dodgeball extravaganza.

You can never go wrong with a cake based on the movie Dodgeball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. Have the baker make a hand gripping a dodgeball with the quote from the move, “Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.” Or perhaps, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball,” depending on your teen’s sense of humor. Another fun option could be cupcakes. These cupcakes could be wacky faces with gobstoppers as the dodgeballs making impact with the cake face. Cupcakes make it easy to bring just the right amount, and also make it easy to provide a variety of delectable flavors to choose from.

Evening Movie Chillax Time

After an exciting day at Rebounderz, caravan the party back to your house for some wind-down time watching the perfect movie. Nothing compliments a dodgeball birthday party better than an evening watching Dodgeball. Watch the Average Joe’s compete in a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament for the good of their community. Pop some popcorn with butter, load up on the soda, and let the teens sprawl in front of the TV.

Perfect Birthday Party Favors

After watching Dodgeball, before you call it an evening for your teen’s birthday party, send them home with some party favors they’re going to love. Order some “Dodge This” small gym bags and include a large, iced dodgeball cookie in the bag. Also, throw in a small, red stress ball that looks like a dodgeball as a reminder of all the fun they had that day.

At Rebounderz, it’s easy to throw the perfect party for just about anyone. Whether you have tots or hard-to-please teenagers, Rebounderz in Sterling can help you organize just the right party. Contact our location today to get more information about the different party options and to figure out what is the best fit for your needs!


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