High Energy Kids: The Perfect Energy Outlet

If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably been there: Your child ends up running around like crazy and there is nothing you can do to get them to chill out. They have too much energy and simply don’t know what to do with themselves. As an adult, you’re probably wishing that you had that much energy again. Or even as a parent, you may be concerned that your child has ADHD, or some other problem, when they simply can’t calm down. However, high energy isn’t always a bad thing, and it doesn’t immediately mean that anything is wrong with your child. It’s important that your children get enough active play in order to help alleviate any pent up energy and provide them with stimulating activities in order to help them be calm and focused when it matters most. Rebounderz of Lansdale is the perfect place to let your kids play. They get the perfect opportunity to jump, play, explore, and just be silly when they play at our indoor trampoline park. Here’s why that’s so important.

Kids are constantly growing and learning, even into their 20s for most. Part of this process involves the development of specific regions of the brain. Studies done at the University of British Columbia that were published in 2014 suggest that cardiovascular exercise have a direct impact on both verbal and memory sections of the brain. In fact, individuals who participated in cardiovascular exercise saw an increase in the size of the hippocampus and also saw improved cognitive function.

In addition to helping improve the health of the brain, regular cardiovascular exercise for children can help improve their behavior and ability to learn in a classroom setting. Children are a bit like glasses of water. Each glass can only contain so much liquid before it overflows. The same can be said for children. They can only contain so much energy before it starts to come out through negative behaviors. Things like acting out in class, not being able to sit still, and lack of focus can all be attributed to having a vast amount of energy with no outlet. Regular cardiovascular exercise for kids can help to moderate these behaviors and help them to focus better and maintain appropriate energy levels in a classroom setting.

So what are some of the best ways to help kids get active, creative, and stimulating play? There’s always the local kid’s soccer team. Swim team can be a great option too. Both of these help to raise heart rates and increase blood circulation. However, for a real treat that really can give your kids a lot of energy release and get them sweating, turn to Rebounderz. Our indoor trampoline parks allow kids to jump, flip, dive, and play to their heart’s content. Regular play at Rebounderz can help to burn that excess energy and help kids to feel their best, no matter what they’re facing each day. Take some time to reward your kids with healthy, active play at Rebounderz today!

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