Don’t Forget the Cupcakes!

When you host a kid’s birthday party at Rebounderz of Newport News, you’re opting for a fun, safe, and hassle-free environment where you can relax and let your kids have fun. Not only is a Rebounderz party a dream for parents, but the kids are going to love it! With plenty to do, and tons of active fun, every kid will leave tired out and smiling. However, there are still a few things that you have to do as a Rebounderz party parent. You will have to send out the invitations and, of course, you’ll have to make sure the guest of honor arrives for their birthday party! Lasty, you’ll want to bring a cake or some cupcakes for the kids to enjoy. That’s it! That’s how easy it is to host a kid’s birthday party at Rebounderz. And if you’re struggling to figure out what cake or cupcakes to bring, here are a few awesome ideas for your kiddo’s birthday cupcakes.

Camo Cupcakes

If your child loves Call of Duty or the armed forces, then camo cupcakes are the solution for you. Book a Rebounderz X-Box party in Newport news and bring in awesome camo cupcakes to match. For these cupcakes, you’ll make regular batter and then divide it, adding various army colors. Mix and match as you pour the batters in the pan. You can even make camo swirled icing to go with it in a similar fashion.

Decorate Your Own

If you know you’ve got a picky group of kids, than plain vanilla cupcakes with white icing is the best way to go. However, for a bit of fun, pick up small, watercolor palettes at an art craft supply store. Put the cupcake in the middle and fill the little divots around the side with a variety sprinkles and candy for kids to decorate their own cupcake with style.

Campfire Cupcakes

For kids who love the outdoors, but want to play at Rebounderz for their birthday, campfire cupcakes could be the perfect fit. Whip up some chocolate cupcakes and top with orange icing so that it looks a bit like flames. Then grab some pretzel sticks, toothpicks, and little marshmallows. Stick the pretzels in the cupcake like little logs that form a teepee around the icing. Then add two marshmallows to each toothpick and stick that in the flames. You’re now ready to enjoy.

Root Beer Floats

Root beer float cupcakes are more about the flavor than anything else. You’ll make a delicious, root beer flavored cake and icing. Once you get those put together, add a maraschino cherry to the top and a small piece of straw into the icing. Lastly, you have to serve these with vanilla ice cream for the full effect.

Unicorn Poop Cupcakes

These may have a silly name, but they’re incredibly fun and popular. Utilizing bright, pastel rainbow colors, you’re going to fill up ice cream cones with the batter instead of a cupcake tin. Once those bake, add colorful icing to the top and perhaps some glittery sprinkles!

PB&J Cupcakes

When a kid won’t eat dinner, what do you make them? The answer is almost always a PB&J sandwich. These cupcakes are sure to please any picky child and wow all the rest. Make a peanut butter batter for your cupcakes. Once they are baked and cooled, you’re going to remove part of the center from the top. Fill this with grape or strawberry jam. Top off these cupcakes with a decadent peanut butter icing and a little bit of drizzled jam. Peanut butter lovers unite!

Classic Red Velvet

Red velvet cupcakes always sound like a decadent and delicious treat, but in reality, they’re quite simple to make. Pick out just about any red velvet recipe and make your cupcakes. Top them with a rich, buttercream icing, and you’re sure to impress the kiddos. While relatively simple, kids see these cupcakes as a novelty, and the rich flavor definitely doesn’t hurt.

When you plan your kid’s birthday party with Rebounderz of Newport News, your child will love it, and you’ll have a stress-free day, as long as you remember the cake. Try out some of these fun cupcake recipes to truly impress!

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