Trampoline Park Fun for the Whole Family

Have you ever had a day where you just can’t figure out what to do with your family? One child wants to go to the movies, another wants to go play at the pool. The cycle is never ending; you can’t seem to please every member of the family. But you don’t have to keep struggling with this cycle. There are options available that can please every member of the family, young and old alike. The best place to come for fun for the whole family is Rebounderz of Jacksonville. Our trampoline park is so much more than just trampolines for teens to play on! We promise that you’ll find something for everyone!

Grown and Jumping

Any parent knows that more often than not, you end up doing the activity the kids want to do and you won’t always have a good time. The extent of your enjoyment is that you get to see your kids happy, and hopefully not bickering. But you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness for your kids. At Rebounderz trampoline parks, you can get in on the fun with your kids! Get a pass, and get jumping. You can play in the arena with your kids, or even challenge them to laser tag. Everyone will be smiles and giggles the whole afternoon.

Teens and Tweens

We all know how difficult teenagers can be. Nothing can make them happy, but Rebounderz of Jacksonville has a little bit for everyone. Whether your teen likes to be active and take on the Ninja Warrior Course, or they just want to hit up the arcade while everyone else goes and jumps, you can rest assured they’ll have an enjoyable afternoon too. In fact, let them bring some friends and you’ll have them begging to come to Rebounderz again soon.


When it comes to family entertainment, if the kids are happy, the whole family unit is typically happy. However, here at Rebounderz of Jacksonville, we want everyone to be able to have fun. Kids of all ages can come play at our Rebounderz trampoline park and have a blast. Let your kids get involved with a game of dodgeball in the Jump Arena, or challenge them at the Basketball Slam. Our hoops are adjustable for a wide range of heights to make it a fair competition. Our Ninja Warrior Course isn’t just for teens ready to take on the challenge; with varying levels based on lane, younger kids can give it a try to and see how they stack up to the competition.

Tiny Tykes

Here at Rebounderz of Jacksonville, we don’t forget our littlest jumpers. We have an area of the facility dedicated exclusively for them. In the Weebounderz area, we have adorable, inflatable play apparatuses for the tykes to climb and bounce all over. This way they are safely away from the big kids and have their own, perfectly-sized play space.

Here at Rebounderz of Jacksonville, we want to make sure the whole family can have fun when you visit. You’re sure to find something for everyone and end the day in smiles. Contact us with any questions you may have!

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