When you host a kid’s birthday party, whether it’s at your own house or at a birthday party venue, it can often feel like there is a limitless number of things you have to do in order for it to be a successful party. In fact, sometimes it can be so stressful that you’re glad that your child’s birthday only comes once a year. But when you choose Rebounderz for your child’s birthday party, not only will they have tons of indoor trampoline fun, you won’t have to worry about anything but the cake.

What is it like to have a Rebounderz birthday party?

At Rebounderz trampoline parks, the options for your kid’s birthday party are virtually endless. With such a variety of party themes, activities, group size, and even price, you are sure to find the party that is the perfect fit. There are several different options for parties, all of which help reduce your stress and your need to manage anything besides the cake.

If you’re looking to have lots of kids to your child’s birthday party, you will probably want to opt for one of our party room packages. These packages allow you to have a private, themed party space for kids to gather and eat in. All of the packages include jump time, a designated host, and pizza for the sure to be hungry guests. You will have all your bases covered by having a great activity for all the party-goers and you’ll be prepared to make sure they’re all fed as well. You don’t have to structure all the games or activities, leave that up to your party host who is there to help out.

Just the Cake?

When we say that all you have to worry about with a party package is just the cake, we mean it. When you book a kid’s birthday party package with Rebounderz, we include everything from the jump socks for all the guests to the paper goods in order to eat pizza and cake. So what do you think you’ll do for your child’s cake? If it’s the one thing you need to worry about, we could see how you might want to bring the best possible cake for your child’s party. Consider some of the following suggestions for your child’s birthday cake.

If your child loves music, the Rock ‘n Roll themed room may be the perfect fit for their party. With all the vinyl records and guitar decorations, a guitar, or other instrument-themed cake, could be the perfect choice. Choose a cool guitar and have a bakery make the perfect replica for your child to enjoy. Or, with a guitar, you could opt to have the cake made completely out of individual cupcakes to make serving that much easier.


You can never go wrong with a sports themed party when you gear it towards your child’s favorite team or activity. Our designated sports room has all of the local national teams displayed prominently throughout the room, but don’t hesitate to pick a cake that plays off of your child’s favorite sport, no matter what it is. If your child loves soccer, go for a soccer themed cake that includes their personal favorite team or player, or go for a more generic cake that is just a soccer ball. It may be simple, but it will look great.

For your daughter who simply had to have a Rebounderz party, consider who her favorite role model may be, whether it’s a Disney princess like Belle or an amazing superhero like Jean Grey for the theme of their cake. She will love it. Let their personal ambitions help guide the type of party and cake you pick for your daughter in order to provide them with boundless opportunities for happiness.

Younger kids may love the Rock n’ Roll room, no matter the gender, and a sock hop theme could be a great way to through a Rebounderz party. Kids can dress up to come jump on the trampolines and you can order a super cool, record player cake with popular vinyl records on it for the kids to enjoy.

No matter what theme your child picks for their birthday party, Rebounderz can help to hold a fun and active birthday party that let’s them have a blast! Learn more about our party packages by calling our Sterling location or schedule your party online today!


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