More Tips For Buying a Home Trampoline

As a trampoline place, there’s one thing we see very, very often. At the end of their jump session, whether it’s families, couples, or individuals, people walk out the door looking much the same way. Their faces are flushed, they walk a little slower due to exertion, and they positively beam with happiness. Where does that all come from? Simple. It’s from jumping up and down on a trampoline.

People absolutely love time spent bouncing on a trampoline. Every day, hundreds of people visit us to do exactly that. They’re inspired by the health benefits, the fun, and they want to take it a step further, so they decide to buy a trampoline for home use. But not all trampolines are created equal. Yesterday, we shared a few tips to help you buy the one that’s ideal for you, and today we’ll share a few more.

  • Some trampoline manufacturers are absolutely committed to offering a quality product for a reasonable price. Others are…less so. Before you break out the credit card, do your research on manufacturers. You can do that on sites like Amazon.com that post customer reviews. You can also check the Better Business Bureau and news outlets. Look for similar complaints from multiple individuals.
  • The surface area of the mat might not be a big deal if only one person is using the trampoline, but once multiple people use it, it becomes very important. Lots of sizes are on the market, like an 8-foot diameter which is good for 1-2 people, or a 15-foot diameter which is good for 1-3 people. There are also oval models that provide more space, but you’ll need to make sure it can provide the weight support as well.
  • A trampoline is constructed from a number of individual parts. Before you buy, make sure you understand what kind of warranty covers the trampoline, what parts are under warranty, how long the warranty lasts, and what is not covered. Over time, it’s a guarantee that parts will break. If you’re going to invest in a trampoline, make sure your investment in protected fairly.
  • Speaking of parts, what happens if you need to replace something? If you need to replace a broken spring or a worn-out mat, you can’t just get it anywhere. This is less of an issue if you’re buying for a small child and it will only be used for a year or two. But if this is a long-term investment, find out how to order parts, how much they cost, and how long it will take them to get to you.
  • If a trampoline is placed outdoors, it’s a guarantee that the sun will shine on it. Over time, those UV rays will fade the color of the trampoline and gradually cause it to deteriorate. Many of today’s models feature some kind of UV protection that will help the color and functionality last longer. While you’ll usually cover the trampoline if it’s not being used, UV protection can help if you happen to forget.

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