Here, at Rebounderz Extreme Fun Zone, we carry our name with pride as a place where kids of all ages can come and have some extreme fun! Many of our locations offer many exciting attractions to compliment the main attraction, which is our trampoline park. Our trampoline parks offer extreme fun because, unlike your backyard trampoline, our trampoline arenas are covered in giant bouncy trampolines that allow you to do some of the most extreme trampoline moves that you shouldn’t dare try in your backyard. Here are some extreme trampoline moves for you to try at your next visit to Rebounderz. Be warned, all of these moves are considered advanced and should not be attempted without proper safety mechanisms in place.

Double Front Flip

With enough air, almost anyone can land a front flip on a trampoline. However, it takes some skill, practice, and height to land the double front flip. To perform this extreme trampoline trick, you must get enough air height that you can tuck your body, perform two consecutive front flips, and land on your feet. This move requires you to commit fully to avoid injury and to launch forward a little bit to propel yourself into the double spin. Once you’ve made the second rotation, open your stance to nail the landing,

Misty 720

This is a popular trick for gymnasts and looks really cool. This trick involves twisting your body to the side, rather than tucking into a flip. This trick requires you to start by getting some considerable air. Once you are in the air, you’ll initiate the trick by flailing back with your back parallel to the trampoline and then throwing your right arm toward your left toe. Look at the left shoulder and twist your entire body toward your left toe. You should make two complete rotations, or rotate 720 degrees.

Side Flip

The side flip is like a cartwheel, in the air. To execute this trick, simply jump until you have enough air to make a flip. Once in the air, rotate your body into a sideways flip by flinging your shoulder on one side toward the foot on the same side. Make your sideways flip in the air and then open up for the landing. If you are not able to make the landing, this trick has the potential to hurt your neck, if you have time to react, try to thrust yourself so that you land on your back or shoulder, rather than your head.

Extreme trampoline moves look as cool as they sound and are sure to impress your friends. Before attempting any advanced trick, make sure that you are comfortable and proficient with some basic tricks, as this will help you have better control over your body in the air and landing, as well as give you a sense of where you are in relation to the trampoline surface. If you need a place to practice, and are looking for a trampoline park in Jacksonville, stop by Rebounderz Extreme Fun Zone!

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