Here at Rebounderz, we know all about the importance of fun and games for a child’s growing mind. Our Lansdale trampoline park offers all kinds of fun activities and attractions for your kids to enjoy. However, you can’t go out to Rebounderz EVERY night. That does not mean you can’t enjoy a fun night in with the kids anyways! If you are looking for fun activities to enjoy with your little ones, here is a list of games that you can all enjoy!

I Spy

A classic favorite for car trips, I Spy is a great game for focusing attention and learning to enjoy what’s around you all in one! While it probably won’t hold older kids’ attention for long, it is great for younger kids. You start by saying “I spy something…”, and then pick a descriptor for the thing you’re describing. Everyone then tries to guess what that is. So “I spy something with wings” could be a bird flying overhead, or a buffalo wing restaurant sign.

Keep the Balloon Up

This game only requires a balloon and a high tolerance for rambunctious kids. How it works is simple; hit the balloon up in the air, and keep it up. No grabbing or holding the balloon, just volleyball like hits. You can even do a variation of the game where the last person to hit a balloon is out if it hits the ground. You will be surprised by how much fun and energy your kids will burn through playing this simple game.

Simon Says

Another classic, Simon says can provide fun for hours with a group of kids fun and goofy enough. How it works is simple. One person gets to be Simon. That person then then orders people to do tasks by saying “Simon says…”.  So if Simon says touch your nose, everyone else has to touch their nose. Anybody that performs the wrong command or doesn’t do the command in time is out. Simon continues to issue commands until there is only one person left, and that person gets to be Simon next round.

Scavenger Hunt

Be a part of the movement to resurrect this long lost activity. This game can be as big or as small as you want it, spanning a room, your property, or even the entire neighborhood. If you’re doing it in your house, muster up a list of items lying around and put them in a pile. Make a list of all the items for each kid playing, and then hide the items throughout the house. Then, it is time to start the hunt! The first kid, or team, to find all of the items on the list wins!

Hide and Seek

This game needs no explanation, it is played all over the world! But that doesn’t mean it is a great way to spend a night of fun. There are all kinds of variations you can add, too, like nighttime hide and seek in the dark!

Duck, Duck, Goose

You may have been introduced to this game in grade school. Everyone sits around in a circle while one person goes around tapping each person’s head saying “Duck, Duck, Duck…” If that person taps your head and says “Goose!”, you have to get up, chase them around the circle, and catch them before they sit down in the spot you were in. If they make it to your spot, you are now the goose, and go around tapping everyone’s head saying “Duck, Duck, Duck…” until you pick the next Goose.

Animal Charades

A fun twist on charades for kids, animal charades will have everybody laughing in no time. To play, print off pictures of different animals and fold them up in a bucket. Have everyone playing grab a piece of paper with an animal on it. From there, it is just like charades as each kid tries to act out their animal without making a sound. Once their animal is figured out, switch to the next person in line.

Musical Chairs

This is a fun game for groups over four. All you need is some sweet jams and one less chair than you have people. In it, chairs are lined up back to back so there are two rows placed right next to each other. Then, everyone stands around the chairs until the music starts. When it does, everyone starts walking in a circle around the chairs. When the music stops, everybody scrambles to find a chair to sit in. The odd man out? They are out of the game until next round! Then you take away a chair and repeat the process until only the winner is left.


Want to teach your kids that you should never trust what you hear while also having a night of fun? Telephone is the perfect game for that, and it is easy to play! Just line everybody up, think of a fun sentence, and whisper it to the first person in line. That person will then whisper what they heard to the next person in line, and that person to the next until it has gone all the way to the end of the line. You’ll be amazed at what the message turns into! Try for yourself!

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is often used to help people to each other, but is also a great way to get to know people better, and have fun doing it! It works like this; everybody participating writes down two true things and one false thing about themselves. Every person takes turns reading out their three entries, while the rest of the group guesses as to which entry is false and which are true. You may just learn something new about your peers as you play with them!


Hopefully these games prove fun on those nights in with family and friends. And when you want to go out? We’ll be right here with our Lansdale trampoline park, full of attractions that your kids will love. We host kids birthday parties as well, and are always having fun events. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our hours, location, or attractions.


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