Fun Games For Kids, Part 1

Kids require a lot of fun and play, not just because they are kids and should enjoy themselves, but also because it is necessary to grow up into a healthy, functioning adult. Obviously, the best place to burn out all that excess energy, and have a phenomenal time doing it, is at our Grand Rapids trampoline park. But we understand you can’t bring them out here EVERY day, they need games that they can play around the house and neighborhood. To help find some fun activities, here are some great games for kids.

I Spy

I Spy is a road trip classic, and may just keep those kids from making a ruckus in the back seat. It is simple to play. One person starts by saying “I spy something…” and then name a descriptor. They may say “I spy something red” if they see a red bird house, for instance. Everyone else in the game then has to guess what it is that person “spies”. The great thing about this game is that it never technically ends, so it’s a great way to kill time on road trips (and keep the family from infighting!).

Simon Says

Another kids’ classic, Simon Says is a great way to have fun around the house. It only requires a small group, with one person starting as “Simon”. In this game, Simon makes demands that everyone else must follow by stating “Simon says…”. Everyone in must instantly follow Simon’s command or they are out. To make things harder, Simon will start to yell out commands faster and faster. The last person left at the end of the game gets to be Simon next round.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be anything from a fun game played around the house, to a whole neighborhood extravaganza! When playing in the house, just grab a bunch of random household items, make lists of them, and hide them throughout the house. Give your kids and their friends the list, and let the hunt begin! For a neighborhood game, have each neighbor take a certain item, and give each kid (or team) a list of different items. Each team of kids will then go from house to house, asking for items on their list. The first team to gather everything on their list wins.

Hide and Seek

No repertoire of games is complete without hide and seek. It is exceedingly simple, but endless fun to play! It can be played with just two people, or ten! You just pick one seeker, they count for a set amount of time while everyone hides, then the fun begins!


Hopefully these games provide a good time next time you and the kiddos have some time to kill. If you are looking to plan a trip out somewhere fun, come by our Grand Rapids trampoline park. We host kids’ birthday parties and all kinds of other fun events. Feel free to give us a call for more information about our location, events, and attractions.


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