Good Things to Do When You Are Bored

No matter how active a lifestyle you live, odds are, you probably have felt boredom at one time or another. Unfortunately, this feeling is extremely common and happens to everybody. However, the way people react to their own boredom is handled in entirely different ways.

Good Reactions

Some, the very few, react to boredom in a positive way. They see it as a challenge and the result of being so productive that they no longer can think of anything to do. This good reaction to boredom is normally followed by another positive action, such as going for a walk, contributing to the community, or reaching out to neighbors. Boredom, then, becomes a sort of treat; instead of doing common-day things, boredom means that a person can find something to do that is fulfilling for them and those around them.

Bad Reactions

Most react to boredom in a poor way. The reaction is poor in that they use their lack of motivation and productivity to do something unfulfilling. For example, when people are bored they often will eat. Much of the reason so many people become overweight is that they feel bored and compelled to stuff their faces with unhealthy things, such as chips, chocolate, and sugary drinks. Because of this bad habit, people tend to gain weight and become lethargic.
Boredom can also drive people to become lazy and unproductive. Instead of seeing boredom as an opportunity to learn new things and possibly new skills, they see it as an excuse to sit on their couch all day. Though a day of rest is recommended every once in a while, laying around every time you feel bored can turn into a bad routine.
In this blog, we will focus on the good reactions to boredom and provide examples for how you can turn your lack of something to do into an experience full of new and exciting adventures. If you are one of the people that falls into a slump everytime you feel bored, this list is an excellent way to inspire yourself to make a change.

New Skills

The best way to rid yourself of feeling bored is to develop a new skill. When you practice a new talent, you improve yourself and allow your new skill to be utilized in the future. For example, if you learn how to make the perfect batch of cookies, you can take what you have learned and give them to your neighbors. Not only are you doing a good thing, but you are also improving your skill-set.


As stated previously, baking is an instant cure to boredom. This activity primarily gets rid of boredom because it forces you to focus on the task at hand, which normally takes about an hour. By putting the ingredients together, balling up the dough, and baking the cookies, you narrow your time and focus, without compromising your whole day. When baking, you should take the end products and give them out to those around you. This will be beneficial to you because you won’t be inclined to eat the whole batch yourself and ruin your figure. Also, by giving out your baked goods, people will appreciate your work and kindness.


Building things can be fun because it normally takes large portions of time from your day. If you possess the talent to build and construct things, using these skills could get rid you of your boredom all day! If you don’t possess these skills, perhaps you can use the day to learn.
When learning to build something, the process can be very rewarding. Mainly, because at the end of your day, you will have created something new from your own two hands.
Now, when learning to build something, you may want to start off with smaller projects. For example, you can build a birdhouse to start out with. The project is simple, relatively easy, and very rewarding. There are even stores that sell whole kits for you to use, instead of trying to find the wood from a tree or a piece of plywood.


Crafting is an excellent way to pass the time, mainly because crafting is such a wide term and encompasses so many different activities. For example, crafting can mean artistic crafting, such as painting, pottery, and woodworking. Crafting, however, can also mean taking time to sew together your old clothes or make new ones! Crafting itself is such a broad term, which is why it is a valuable way to pass the time. Also, depending on the project you undertake, you could spend hours, even days, working to finish your craft.


A beneficial way to cast away your feelings of boredom is to partake in sports or games. When you play outside, in any sport, you give your body fresh air, exercise, and a chance to improve circulation. Also, when you play a sport, it generally means that you play with others. Whether your playmates are your friends, family, or your neighbors, including everyone in a game will improve the overall quality of each of your relationships.

Go to the Park

The great thing about parks is that they are generally peaceful and filled with fun equipment to play on. No matter what age you are, you can always find some kind of entertainment at a park. For example, even if you don’t play on any of the equipment, you can still prepare a picnic for you and your loved ones. Preparing a meal, driving to the park, and enjoying your stay, will all take considerable amounts of time and improve your overall attitude.
There are many different types of parks: amusement parks, public parks, and indoor trampoline parks. Each have the ability to squash your boredom and give you a day full of productivity and joy. Rebounderz is an indoor trampoline park that was built for all ages, and houses many different fun attractions. Whether you are bouncing on our trampoline arena, jumping into our foam pit, or braving our ninja warrior course, you are sure never to feel bored. If you are interested in keeping yourself active, social, and boredom-free, come to your local Apopka, Florida Rebounderz!

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