Host The Most Extreme Holiday Party

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or a regular-old employee looking to boost your team’s spirit, you are probably already in the beginning stages of planning out your annual holiday party. From a catered event right in your own office to fancy dinners out on the town to drinks at the local watering hole, there are no shortage of options available for corporate holiday get-togethers.

The problem is, everyone already knows what to expect.

You show up. You mingle a little bit. You force awkward small talk. You have a drink. You give a speech. And then everyone goes home, possibly kicking themselves because they missed their favorite primetime show for two hours of casual fraternization.

Luckily, there’s still time for you to change the game. You can create long-lasting memories, friendship, and improve team morale greatly when you decide to ditch the boring holiday party model and instead throw the most extreme holiday party imaginable.

We’re not trying to convince you to throw one of those wild parties where you end up with a lampshade on your head; but if you do, be sure to send us an invite.

Instead, we’re simply suggesting that you consider Rebounderz, the best trampoline park in the Orlando area, to be the site of your next corporate holiday outing. After all, they do say that companies who take a leap of faith together tend to stay together. And what better way to do that than by actually leaping, jumping, and bouncing your way to a stronger team?

Let’s take a look at a few benefits to hosting a high-octane corporate outing at our Apopka trampoline park, as well as some fun challenge ideas for you and your company to participate while you’re at Rebounderz.

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Benefits Of Hosting A Corporate Party At Rebounderz

Rebounderz is here to help you throw a corporate holiday party that will knock the socks off your management team, employees, and their families. Our innovative, state-of-the-art trampoline park facility features more than 26,000 square feet of action, with over 10,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampoline action. But, we also have private rooms, an arcade, and a cafe area for those non-jumpers in your group. Here are a few of the top reasons why holding your corporate event at Rebounderz might be beneficial:

Break The Mold

Perhaps you’re thought of as your typical, run-of-the mill manager who doesn’t like to mingle with employees. Well, you can break free from that stereotype by setting up an extreme holiday party that no one will ever forget. Rebounderz offers several corporate party options that can also provide food, drinks, and any other needs your group may have.

Team Bonding

Break free from those awkward silences and small talk by getting your employees involved with a variety of challenges. From air dodgeball to foam pit relays, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of fun and unique games your group can participate in which will lead to teamwork, bonding, and a sense of community among your company.

An Excuse to Let Loose

Often times, we have to be on our best behavior at work. That might even mean stifling your true personality in order to not ruffle any feathers. Well, there’s something about bouncing around on a trampoline that allows your inner kid to re-emerge. Guests will be sure to have more fun than they’ve ever had with their co-workers, possibly even leading to lifelong friendships and boosted morale.

Bring The Whole Family

Hosting a corporate outing at Rebounderz allows for your employees to include their entire family. Rather than leaving the kids at home, or rather having to stay home because they can’t find a babysitter, your employees can bring the whole family along to experience the thrills and high-flying fun.

Unique Holiday Party Game Ideas

There will be plenty of time to mix and mingle later. When you’re at a Rebounderz trampoline park, you’ll want everyone to take full advantage of the bouncing world they have right at their fingers (or toes). Our Rebounderz staff will help you facilitate a handful of exciting, team-building activities your group can participate in during your event, including things like:

  • Air Dodgeball Tournaments
  • Arcade Ticket Challenges
  • Slam Dunk Contest
  • Foam Pit Relay
  • Mine Fields
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Capture The Flag
  • And more!

After experiencing the most extreme, most unique corporate holiday party imaginable, we are certain your team will walk away closer and stronger than before. Like we said, there’s just something about jumping about on a trampoline that makes the fun come out in all of us. We can customize any program to help you celebrate a year of hard work, while also jumping (get it?) toward your future goals.

Contact your Rebounderz in Apopka today to learn how to book our trampoline parks for your Orlando company holiday party today.

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