How High Could You Jump on Another Planet? Part 1

Jumping is something humans seem to love to do. If you think about it, jumping doesn’t necessarily make much sense. Sure, if you’re jumping over a puddle or a stream, it’s great. But why do we want to jump when there’s no practical reason to do so? So many of us crave the feeling of our feet leaving the surface of our planet, even if it’s for a few seconds. There’s something great about propelling yourself upward, in fighting the gravity of our planet, that feels really great.

Do you know what’s weird? The same amount of energy can take you different distances into the air depending on where you are. When we say “where,” we’re not talking cities, countries, or continents. We’re talking planets. Because each planet in our solar system has different mass, each planet also has different gravitational pull. That means they pull down on you different amounts. Some less, some more. This completely changes how high you can jump.

We want to sit down and explore the important question: when we expand across the solar system and there’s a Rebounderz on every planet, what kinds of jumps should we advertise? How high could you actually jump on each of our planets?

In the next few blogs, we’re going to take a little tour of our imaginary interplanetary Rebounderz chain and explore just how high you could jump on each planet. Of course, when you jump at a Rebounderz, you get trampolines helping you fly a bit higher, so for the sake of this experiment, we’re going to explore how high you can jump right off the ground. Let’s get started close to home!

How High Can You Jump on Earth?

Earth is pretty big. In fact, its mass is 6,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000 (6 x 1024) kilograms. It generates plenty of gravity, which means if you’re a normal person and you crouch down and then jump straight up with all of your energy, your feet won’t get higher than 1.5 feet off the ground, and you’ll only get to spend a second in the air. Bending your knees and bringing you feet up doesn’t count!

This is a pretty nice jump, but we can do better. That is partly why we have so many trampolines at Rebounderz. We want to jump higher! Of course, we could just go to… the MOON!

How High Can You Jump on the Moon?

Before we hop on to other planets, we figure we’d better consider the moon. After all, it would be a good starting point for our expansion! So, if you visited the pretend Rebounderz on the moon and just jumped in the parking lot, what would happen?

The moon isn’t as big as the Earth, which means its gravity is only 17 percent of the Earth’s. This is great for jumping, because guess what? If you repeated your jump from Earth on the moon, you would go up 10 feet and stay up in the air for about four seconds! Your feet would go higher than the tallest person ever, and you’d get to be up there for four whole seconds!

We think this is looking really promising! Tune in for our next blog as we leave our solar system and explore the rest of our beautiful planets! While you’re waiting, visit our wonderland of trampolines in Orlando and Apopka. Our trampoline parks are the perfect place for parties, birthdays, and just plain fun. We understand the fun of jumping, and we’ve created the perfect place to get in all the jumping you’ve ever wanted. In fact, you can get a feel for what it might feel like to jump on the moon!

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