Jumping Benefits for Seniors

Although typically frequented by children, trampoline parks have amazing benefits for children of ALL ages! Even seniors can find the benefits and enjoyment of spending some time rebounding. Here are just a few benefits of trampoline jumping for seniors.

Improves Heart Health

The number one cause of death in the United States has been cardiac arrest caused by heart disease for over a decade. While this is not a unique phenomenon to seniors, chances of cardiac problems increase as we age. What this means for people of all ages is that they need to take care of their hearts by eating healthy and getting plenty of cardiovascular exercises. The human heart is an incredible structure that is able to develop new blood vessels to reroute around failing ones to improve function. The more your heart is worked, the better it becomes at this. Cardio activity like jumping on a trampoline helps to get the blood pumping all throughout the body which helps prevent clots, opens up vessels, and works your heart — all of which help to prevent sudden cardiac death.

Helps Build Strong Bones

A common problem that accompanies aging, especially in postmenopausal women, is bone density loss that attributes to frailty and fractures, that tends to leave most people fearing to do anything that may cause them to fall. Weight-bearing, impact exercises such as running and jumping helps to build bone density and strength. Activities such as trampoline bouncing are great for strengthening bones because of the elastic surface that helps soften the impact. Building bone density also promotes red blood cell production (because red blood cells are created in the bones!), which helps promote overall circulation and perfusion.

Improves Outlook on Life

A positive outlook on life has been proven to help people sleep better and live longer. Happiness has been linked to a strong immune system, so it can be said that happy people don’t get sick as often as others. Engaging in activities that make you feel young and invigorated creates more happy hormones that can lead to improved overall health and a sense of wellbeing. We think that trampoline rebounding is a great way to boost your mood — have you ever seen someone frowning on a trampoline?

Builds Strong Muscles

Activities such as trampoline jumping help to improve muscular strength. Improving muscle strength doesn’t just help moving and daily activities easier, but strong muscles can help support your bones and joints to help reduce pain and potential for injury. Building muscles strength also helps to make normal activities such as walking and sitting more comfortable and helps to improve your quality of sleep.

At Rebounderz, we are passionate about sharing the fun with kids from toddlers to 100+ because we know the value of healthy fun. If you are an aging senior and have never experienced a trampoline park, we encourage you to come out to Rebounderz of Jacksonville to try it out, we are confident you’ll feel like a kid again and leave feeling better than you did when you arrived! Contact us for more information or stop on in to check out the bounce!

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