Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Winter

Kid’s Parties for the Winter Season

If you have a child born during the winter season, you may already know what a challenge it is to plan their birthday parties. The winter is often very cold, icy, and not appropriate for outdoor play. So, how can you still plan a fun birthday party in the winter? In this blog, we will go over some party ideas you can browse through. Hopefully, by reading this blog, you will get inspired to plan a truly unforgettable birthday party for your child.

Ice Skating Party

Since it is the winter, you have the opportunity to use the weather to your advantage. Because of this, you can plan an ice skating or hockey birthday party for your children. Because it is cold outside, they can use the weather to participate in fun winter-time sports. Ice skating is an incredible pastime that requires patience and balance. With an ice skating party, you can get every one of your guests to participate in a fun and easy activity. And, best of all, ice skating involves more physical activity than you would think. Because of this, your children can unknowingly get the physical exercise they need.

The downside of this type of party:
There are downsides to this type of birthday party that are hard to ignore. For one, if you have a birthday party in an ice rink, you have to be used to the cold temperature inside. Because the ice rink needs to be kept at a certain temperature to keep the ice frozen, your guests may have to bundle up for the entire duration of the party. Not only that, but ice skating can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. If your party is filled with ungraceful participants, falls are bound to happen. And, if you have smaller children, tears may be inevitable.

Movie Party

It is hard to go wrong with a movie party. With this type of birthday party, your little one and their closest friends can enjoy a movie of their choosing. Not only can this type of party be entertaining for everyone involved, but it can give your guests a memorable experience. Movies can give your children something to enjoy, talk about, and remember forever. Better still, depending on the film, a light comedy can put you all in a good mood and uplift you for the entire day. Even better, since movie theaters are heated, you and your guests can have a warm, comfortable place to sit away from the winter cold!
As a parent, movie parties are a great choice because they require your children and their friends to sit and enjoy a film for roughly two hours. This means, you can sit and relax, while they have an enjoyable time watching a flick. Watching a movie at your local theater also means that you won’t have to host your child’s party at your house and clean up their mess. When children have birthday parties at your house, something is bound to be broken, stained, or dirtied. At your local movie theater, you are not responsible for cleaning up your child or their friend’s messes. This can help parents calm down and reduce their stress greatly. Limiting stress can be enough to make movie parties a win-win for parents.

The downside of this type of party:
Though movie parties can have a long list of benefits, there are just a few downsides to them as well. For one, movie parties can be expensive. When you plan this type of party, you have to expect to feed each of your guests with popcorn, soda, and any other concessions they want. Then, you may have to expect that one of them will have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie. If you are planning to have a movie party, generally, you will want another chaperone to accompany you. Obviously, you can’t leave any of the children alone, especially if only one needs to use the restroom. Because of this, having another adult with you can be helpful. Both parents can work as a team to ensure all the children are fed, safe, and enjoy the movie.

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Slumber Party

Slumber parties are great for parents who don’t want to spend large sums of money at a local movie theater. Though a movie theater party has its perks, it can be very expensive to execute. Because of this, slumber parties can be a better choice for families with many children. For one, slumber parties can make friends feel closer together and enjoy their time more. As stated, movie theater parties can be a bit isolating, as children can zone out and watch the film. If you would like your child to have a birthday party with more interaction, slumber parties are ideal.
At a slumber party, you can plan out many different fun activities for your little guests. From nail painting to fun games, your slumber party can be anything you want. Better still, you can theme your child’s slumber party, so that all the games and activities involve participation. And, since all the activities are in your home, they don’t have to be wild or extravagant. In the winter, you want to have parties indoors in order to keep children warm, safe, and entertained for long periods of time.
Slumber parties can allow your child to have a fun afternoon and night to enjoy with their friends. Not only can they have fun playing, eating, and chatting with their very best friends, but they can stay up late. Generally, slumber parties mean that bedtimes don’t apply, or at least, they are a lot later. This can give your child a sense of freedom and an extra special treat just for their birthday.

The downside to this type of party:
We mentioned this a bit in our previous paragraph, but parties hosted at your home can get messy. Parents are generally the ones that have to clean up the mess and try to get their home back in order once the chaos has subsided.
Slumber parties can also be a bit problematic because they require your constant attention. For one, parents not only have to prepare their home for the party, but they have to think of fun activities to entertain all the guests. If there aren’t enough activities, the guests can grow bored and not have as good of a time.

Indoor Trampoline Park

At an indoor trampoline park, you and your guests can gain a warm place to play and stay active. At Rebounderz, we have activities already set up for you and your guests. This means that you won’t be responsible for researching fun activities to entertain your child’s friends for two hours. Instead, all you have to do is visit your local Rebounderz. And, if purchasing individual tickets for your guests seems like an expense you are not looking forward to, Rebounderz has birthday packages that you can take advantage of. In our birthday packages, you and your guests can receive one to two hours of play time, arcade time, pizza, and so much more. Instead of stressing out about planning your child’s birthday, Rebounderz provides you with everything you need in one location. And, since all of our attractions are indoors and heavily padded, your guests can enjoy our park away from the cold and completely safe.

Rebounderz of Rohnert Park

If your child has a birthday in the winter season, it may be a good idea to check out your local Rebounderz. Here, you will find endless activities for a price you will love. If you are looking for a location for a winter birthday party, you won’t find anything as convenient and as entertaining as our Rebounderz indoor trampoline park. Contact us today to reserve a birthday party room.

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