Mastering the Perfect Backwards Flip

Since its inception, the trampoline has been an important tool in acrobatics. Its main function is to allow a person bouncing on the trampoline enough air to perform a flip. In fact, the trampoline was originally created to help divers practice their routines before competitions. The trampoline has come a long way from its easy days as a training tool. Over the years, the trampoline transformed from a training tool for divers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders, to a public recreational toy.

Today, trampolines can be found in backyards, living rooms, and even large indoor trampoline parks. If you cannot afford to maintain trampolines for your personal use, attending indoor parks such as Rebounderz can be beneficial. For example, you won’t have to worry about trampoline upkeep and you can use a large variety of different sized trampolines. This diversity of trampoline size can be advantageous, especially when practicing certain tricks.

The most popular trick to master on a trampoline is, of course, the flip. This trick can be performed front ways or back ways. However, flipping backwards tends to be more of a challenge and makes you appear way more daring. The following blog is some tips and tricks to help you master the perfect backwards flip.


Step One: Prepare Yourself

Make sure you mentally prepare yourself for how cool you will look once you finish a backwards flip. Because not many people know how to properly execute a good backflip, when you finally master the movement, people will be blown away by your agility and acrobatics. What is misleading about a backflip is that they actually aren’t that hard to complete, you just have to disregard any fear of messing up. Natural inertia guides the body to flip to your feet, if you have enough air and momentum.

Step Two: Get a Base Jump

Before you begin your backflip you want to get what acrobats call a “base jump.” Simply put, these are the first few jumps you take right before you perform a trick. The amount of jumps you do, plus the strength of the jump, will determine how high you will get off the trampoline. You want to get the most air because this will allow you time to move your feet over your head and back to the ground. If you do not get enough air the result will mean you could land on your face, which is never fun.


Step Three: Swing Your Arms

Once you have mastered a pretty good base jump, you must perform the second, and most important step: swinging your arms. Swinging your arms up above your head is extremely important because it will give your body the momentum it needs to successfully land your feet on the trampolines surface.


Step Four: “Training Wheels”

When trampolining, don’t be afraid to use “training wheels.” This simply means that you can use little cheating mechanisms before you are fully comfortable flipping backwards. For example, before completing a full backflip, you can do smaller side-flips. You can do this as many times as you would like, until you feel fully comfortable with performing your backflip.


Step Five: Keep Your Arms Out

When completing your first backflips, it is important to keep your arms out, in the small chance you don’t land completely on your feet. Keeping your arms out and a little bent can play a huge role in protecting yourself from face-planting.


Step Six: Positioning

Once you have mastered a proper backflip, you won’t need to do side-flips or keep your hands out. However, every master must still be aware of where they position themselves on the trampoline. It you situate yourself too close to the edge, you run the risk of landing wrong and hitting your head. In order to get the maximum air from your base jump you will need to complete your backflip in the center of the trampoline. Only then can you optimize your sweet new skills to the fullest!


We hope this guide to mastering a backflip was helpful. If you don’t happen to own a trampoline, come to your local Apopka Rebounder!. At our indoor trampoline park you can practice your new trick and master it. Here, you will be able to show off your cool moves, while impressing everyone with your sweet skills. Come to Rebounderz!

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