Ninja Warrior Course at Rebounderz of Edison, NJ

Be a Ninja, Try Our Obstacle Course!

Obstacle courses are fun activities for people of any age. No matter if you’re seven or 70, everyone can find obstacles courses fun. Whether you are participating or just watching, obstacles courses offer a form of entertainment that is hard to beat. If you are living in Edison, NJ, your local Rebounderz has an exciting obstacle course for your to try out.
In is blog, we will be discussing the benefits of an obstacles course and what you local Edison Rebounderz has to offer you and your family!

About Our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Our obstacle course is called a Ninja Warrior Course, after the popular television show, American Ninja Warrior. In the show, contestants compete to finish a physically challenging obstacle course. The contestant with the fastest time, wins! Our course has some similarities to the television show, but it is not nearly as difficult. For instance, our obstacle course doesn’t include a swimming pool or a 10-foot wall to climb over. Instead, our obstacle course features small obstacles that only offer slight challenges to our “contestants.”

The Ranges of Difficulty

What makes our obstacle courses special is that we have ranges of difficulty. This means that based on your skill level you can choose a course that is either more or less challenging. By giving our customers options, we can ensure that no one will try an obstacle course that is too hard for them. Obstacle courses that are diverse in difficulty give our customers more obstacles courses to try out to determine their agility level. At our local Edison Rebounderz, our obstacle course has a total of four lanes of difficulty. But what’s included in our obstacle course?

What is Included in Our Course?

Our obstacle courses are jam-packed with many different and fun activities. Specifically, our obstacles courses have quad steps, hanging doors, and a swing to cargo netting. But that’s not all! Some of our courses other feature include:

  • Hanger with Pegs
  • Slack LInes
  • Warped Walls
  • A Spider Wall

What separates the New Jersey Rebounderz from other locations of our franchise is that we have the first ever spider wall built into our warrior course. So, if you would like to challenge yourself to try our spider wall — visit our trampoline park!


The benefits of our ninja warrior course are obvious — fun, play, and exercise. It is nearly impossible to participate in our obstacle course and not get your heart pumping. Children need daily exercise, but sometimes, they don’t feel like they need to and would rather stay inside. At Rebounderz, we make staying active a fun experience. Instead of wanting to stay indoors and play video games or dolls, children can get excited to be active and try our obstacle course.
Though it might not seem like a big deal, children that don’t get their needed daily exercise are at a greater risk for developing terrible conditions. For one, childhood obesity is a major epidemic in America, as children are not eating the right foods or staying active every day. Aside from obesity, children could develop slower cognitive and motor skills. Without activity, your child could grow unhealthy and sluggish. But, of course, not being active doesn’t guarantee these outcome, but it does increase your child’s risk of developing these problems.
Our obstacle course allows your child to stay active in a fun way. Because we are able to make physical activity enjoyable, this would be considered a major benefit, however, there are other benefits too! For instance, our obstacle course can teach your children about competition and good sportsmanship. How?
Obstacle courses only work if children use them fairly and share the space with each other. So, not only will your child have to learn patience when using the obstacle course, but they can learn how to share with other children. Obstacle courses are more fun when two competitors race through the course. This “racing” can also teach your child about friendly competition.

Rates and Requirements for Participation

Typically, our Edison Rebounderz is open Tuesday through Sunday (at varying times). However, on October 8th, our indoor trampoline park is opening its doors from 10 am to 8 pm. During this time, you can utilize our indoor trampoline arena, as well as our ninja warrior course. While our obstacle course can be fun for anyone, Rebounderz has some requirements for our contestants. You must wear athletic shoes in order to participate in our obstacle course, and must be at least 44 inches tall. Also, our obstacle course has a weight limit of 275 pounds. If you can make it within these parameters, you can participate in our ninja warrior course!

Edison Rebounderz

Come to our Edison, NJ Rebounderz today to experience our obstacle course. See your skill level and determine how fast you have get through our course!

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