Ninja Warrior Course Obstacles Explained Part 3

With so many unique obstacles on ninja courses, it’s hard to cover all the different variations of what you may see on the show American Ninja Warrior, and what you may experience when you come test out your own skills on the ninja warrior course at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park. When you come test yourself on the Rebounderz ninja course, we want you to know what you might encounter and how best to tackle each possible obstacle along the way! Previously on the blog, we’ve gone over general obstacles you might see and also some upper body obstacles that are incredibly difficult. Today, we’ve got a bunch of obstacles that involve the use of your legs and exceptional balance skills for you to check out!

Warped Wall

The warped wall is a common challenge that can be found on both American Ninja Warrior and at several Rebounderz locations. This wall is one that extends up and in a concave manner away from you. You have to get a good running start and use momentum to get you up the wall to where to can grasp the edge and pull yourself up. This is often a challenge because gravity is working hard against you. Not only does it make it hard to reach the top edge due to the concave nature of the wall, but once you get up to the edge, it’s all upper body strength to finish the obstacle.

Running Steps

This common obstacle often starts of each segment of American Ninja Warrior and can be found at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park! This obstacle is comprised of four angled panels that are decently sized. They are angled at just over a 45 degree angle and coated with a sand-like texture. The trick to this obstacle is to keep moving. It may be tempting to take your time, but if you keep moving, you won’t risk sliding off, which could very well happen due to the angle. In order to accomplish this obstacle, you have to be willing to make some rather large leaps in just one stride from basically a standing position. This obstacle looks easy, but it may take a bit of practice to truly master.

Slack Ladder

If you’ve ever tried slacklining, you’re a step ahead on the slack ladder. This obstacle is designed to look like a horizontal ladder, however, it’s not that easy to get across. Because the ladder is made of a webbing material and has extra give, it’s actually a very difficult balance challenge. Taking your time and utilizing your balance skills and stabilizer muscles in your legs is key to not being flung from this obstacle. There are a couple different techniques in order to get across. Individuals can attempt to put one foot on each side of the ladder and evenly slide each foot along. Another approach is to simply stride across the slates and hope you can make the large distances. The catch is that you can’t use your hands to touch the slack ladder or else it doesn’t count.

Balance Bridge

This is another obstacle that often seems overly simple. In fact, if you can do a balance beam, odds are you can conquer this balance bridge. The catch is that the balance bridge moves, where a balance beam does not. Many ninja warriors rush through this obstacle and are eliminated from the competition because they were overconfident. The balance bridge is made of two separate beams that tilt at angles forward and backward with your weight, a bit like a teeter totter. If you take your time through the obstacle, you’re more likely to have success than if you rush.

Cargo Net

The cargo net is an American Ninja Warrior staple that can be found on many different courses. Often, a competitor will have to use a mini trampoline to catapult onto the cargo net. This cargo net then hangs downward and you have to make your way under it in order to make it to the completion platform. One quick tip is to lead with your legs and let your upper body follow to get through the cargo net.

Here at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park, we love to see kids and adults alike tackle the ninja warrior courses we have onsite. Come visit us and play to your heart’s content! Call today for more information, or come stop by and have some fun!

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