A Parent’s Afternoon Off

As parents, there is no “real” day off. Even when you’re sick, you have to be there for your children and their needs. More often than not, you probably don’t feel comfortable letting them do a whole heck of a lot without some sort of parental supervision. So while you may not get an actual day off, taking the family to Rebounderz is the next best thing.

Pick Your Favorite Option

Option One

You have a couple of different ways you can enjoy Rebounderz as a parent. The first option is to enjoy the cafe and free wi-fi while your kids play. If your kids are old enough and independent, this could be a great option. You’re able to be accessible when they need you, however, they can entertain themselves so you can have a few hours to just relax. Bring your favorite book, or bring your laptop and do some work, if that’s what you need to get done. All of our Rebounderz attractions are staffed by knowledgeable referees to keep an eye on guests and to provide safety instruction or correction when necessary.

The best part about option one is that you get to be off of your feet while your kids are burning loads of energy in a fun and unique way.

Option Two

The other option that you have as a parent is to join in the trampoline park fun with your kids. While you still may be the responsible adult of the group, Rebounderz gives you the opportunity to have some active fun with your kids. Purchase yourself some jump socks and get ready to show your kids how it’s done.

When you come to Rebounderz of Sterling, you can enjoy a variety of different attractions throughout the large family fun space. Our most well known attraction is our Jumper. The Jumper was built for both safety and fun. With plenty of jumping surfaces, you’ll be sure to have a blast with your kids jumping around the secure Jumper arena.

The Jumper arena is also where you can participate in a game of Air Dodgeball with your kids. Whether you want to defend your kids and play on the same team or you opt to play on the opposing team and see who can last the longest, you’re sure to make amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

After a competitive game of Air Dodgeball where you win even though your kids put up a valiant effort on the opposing team, head over to the Basketball Slam. See how many times you can dunk the ball in a row versus your kids. Luckily for your kids, the Basketball Slam is adjustable to unique heights so that you don’t have the advantage over them.

No matter which option you pick, your kids will have a fantastic time at Rebounderz and so will you! Trust the Sterling Rebounderz location to help you to relax and have fun. Contact us for more information about our attractions or policies.

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