Party Like You are a Kid Again at Rebounderz

Just because you are technically a grownup, that doesn’t mean you always have to act like one. Who’s to say what “acting like an adult” means anyway? Define it for yourself.

You know that a trampoline arena with a basketball slam, arcade, Jump Xtreme tower, Ninja Warrior course and open jump arena is the perfect place for a kid’s party. But what about you? Whether you are turning 18 or 48, we think that Rebounderz in Grand Rapids is the perfect place for your birthday.

Fun for Kids and Adults

If you’ve got a mixed group of friends and family coming to your party, you’ll want to make sure that there are activities for kids that don’t require a ton of adult supervision. Our team has you covered there. We’ll supervise the foam pit and arcade while you are crushing it in the world’s most-fun, grownup dodgeball tournament.  

You’ll also want to make sure that any kids in attendance have group activities galore. You don’t want them wandering around individually. That’s going to require too much work. We’ve got you covered there too. You can set up board games, coloring stations or even play a movie in one of our party rooms. Have some sullen tweens in attendance that are determined not to have fun? They’ll be happy to be sequestered in a party room with their phones, spending the day texting about their troubles.

Your Own Private Playground

Trampolines aren’t just for jumping. Play some of your favorite childhood games with the added excitement of the bounce! Have the men challenge the women to a game of Hot Potato, play a few rounds of Red Rover or incorporate the trampoline into a fun game of Simon Says. We promise the uncontrollable laughter that will result will be one of the best parts of your day.

Theme Things Up

Kids love theme parties. But, be honest, you do too! If you are planning a party for an adult in your life, think about their hobbies now, and from when they were kids. Plan a theme around that.

Is the birthday boy a sports fanatic? Get matching jerseys for party-goes that memorialize the day. Plan a day full of competitions including basketball dunks, jumping dodgeball, trampoline challenges and top it all off with a bracketed, handicapped, Ninja Warrior tournament.

Was your birthday girl a cheerleader or chess-club nerd in highschool? Those would both make great birthday themes! Or, better yet, maybe she is the sports fan in the family and a huge fan of the Ninja Warriors. What could be better?

Perhaps the person being celebrated is crazy for donuts or has a fettish for the 50s. Is there a band they love, or a color that defines their style? Use attributes like these to make the party a compulsory costume event so your theme is created for you!

Are yours the kinds of friends that are always roasting each other, throwing shade and taking pride in getting the last shot in? We’re not sure how to incorporate that into the party, but if you think of something let us know. We bet it’ll be hilarious!

Are You Convinced?

If you are still wondering if Rebounderz in Grand Rapids is the kind of place you’ll want to hold your birthday party, come by to see us. Our party planners are here to answer all of your questions, plus they’ll take care of all of the planning and day-of event management for you. And, don’t forget, if you have your party here, you won’t have a house full of people to clean up after. We guarantee your birthday will be the event of the year, and you shouldn’t be surprised if the next grown up party you are invited to is also here at the trampoline arena.

Happy birthday! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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