How to Prepare for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Preparing for the Worst, To Receive the Best

When it comes to kid’s birthday parties, the whole experience can be great and memorable. Afterall, your child and their friends can build lasting memories together and celebrate another year of their life. However, the experience can be, at times, the most stressful event on the planet. Now, you may think this is a negative outlook to have. But, if you believe kid’s birthday parties are a quiet and peaceful get together among childhood friends — you obviously don’t have children. Birthday parties for kids can quickly escalate into a messy, loud, and anxiety-inducing experience if you don’t prepare. For example, kids are naturally rambunctious and accident prone. Not only that, but with kids, you have to keep a weather-eye for accidents, conflicts, and anything else in your way.
For younger children, a birthday can be a great experience if you have a lot of chaperones on staff. However, if your child is older, say around 6-12 years-old, you might be “understaffed” and extremely outnumbered. Not to mention, children ages six to 12 are often ungrateful, whiny, and obnoxious (sorry, it is true). However, preparing for the event can limit the amount of times you hear, “I am bored” or “When is presents?” or “I want cake.” No matter how great of a parent you are, there is a chance your children will utter one or all three of these sentences. First off, just because they say these things, does not mean you are a bad parent. Children are naturally curious and want things that instantly gratify them.
If you schedule out your day, you may not have to deal with whiny children. How? Well, through our list you will ensure a limited number of questions, groans, injuries and tantrums.

Putting Away Sharp Objects

If you are planning to have the birthday celebration at your home, the first thing you must do is remove all sharp and pointy objects from any public areas. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Incense
  • Hard-metal Utensils
  • Fireplace Tools
  • Any Pencils or Pens (for more reasons than just being pointy)

Anything That Could Make a Stain

When it comes to birthday parties in your home, you have to be aware that something you enjoy will get ruined. For instance, if you have beautiful white walls or furniture, expect that they will not be the same shade after the party. Children have a knack for finding objects to write or draw with. More importantly, they know how to find these items, and use them on your things. So, before the party has even begun, take the time to hide any pens, crayons, markers, or chalk, that could be within little-arms-reach. No matter how much talent your child has, your home is not a canvas. Therefore, remove the temptation before the party begins.

Removing Anything Breakable

As stated, children are naturally energetic. Through no fault of their own, they tend to get carried away with their social party games, and something is always broken. That something is almost always an object you loved, enjoyed, or spent a fortune on. However, you cannot punish your child or guest for breaking something while playing. It is in a child’s nature to be uncoordinated and absent-minded. If anything, the accident is on you for not noticing their behavior and removing your items from high-traffic areas. If you are a parent, you are well aware of the danger of having breakable items around children. Not just for the sake of them breaking the object, but for the aftermath after something is broken. For example, if a glass is broken, the shards could travel great distances and blend into the floor. Worse, children don’t often adhere to proper party attire, which means that the second the party starts, their shoes come off. So, not only will you have shards of sharp glass all over the floor, you will have wild children frollicing without shoes around your home. Barefoot children and sharp glass are a recipe for disaster.

Restricting Passage

The key with hiding breakable, markable, and sharp items, is securing them in a room or place children cannot get to. Being able to set boundaries is important for you and your home because you can limit where children will be able to play. Also, just because you are opening your home to your guests, doesn’t mean you have to open your whole home. Limiting the rooms in which children can be will keep them safe and give you less to stress out about. It is always good to have a safe in your home, however, if you do not have a safe, you can always put the items in a locked room.

Putting Down Towels

If your child was born in the summer, you could easily have a pool party or a water party. When water, slick floors, and bare feet are put together, you can almost ensure there will be an accident. More importantly, you can count on tears, screaming, and bruises. Because of this, pre-planning for an incident can actually help prevent the worst scenario. Placing towels on the floor can help prevent nasty spills while on your watch and make your life a lot easier. Easier, meaning, whether you have a water party, dirt will get tracked into your home. Children naturally will track in the outside world into your home. So, if you appreciate a dirt-free floor, laying down towels is a good option.


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