Preparing for Spring Break

Spring Break is Here: Now What?

When the kids go to school everyday, life can become routine. Getting up, going to school, coming home, eating, and then going to sleep, are a comfortable routine — one that you can get used to. When there is routine, you can plan ahead and make the day go by faster and complete efficiently. But, every so often a school break comes along to throw the whole routine off balance. If you are a working parent, you will know and understand the struggle of finding a suitable daycare to take your child while you are at work. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, the idea of having your children home for all hours of the day can be stress-inducing. For one, when the kids are away, you can relax and complete your daily tasks with ease. However, when children are around, you have to keep a watchful eye on them at all times. Worse, bored children have a knack for running to their parents for entertainment. When you have your children with you 24 hours in the day, the ability to entertain them can be difficult.
In this blog, we will give you ideas to entertain your child during the summer, whether you are a stay-at-home or a working parent. Our hope is that by reading our blog, we can inspire you to try new methods of entertainment and give your child a memorable experience. After all, they only get so many, might as well make them as joyful and fun as possible!

Extended School Services

Extended School Services or commonly known as E.S.S, is a great way to keep your children entertained throughout the day. Because the program is funded by the school, you will be able to have a safe place that your child is familiar with. E.S.S can also be a huge asset to you and your child because it still allows them to have fun with their friends and enjoy the outdoors, without the onset of boredom. Every day, the staff create a bulletin board of a list of activities they will encourage throughout the day. The bulletin will always include one creative activity indoors, such as painting, sketching, etc. However, there are always multiple outdoor activities like capture the flag, basketball, and dodgeball. And, to make the whole experience even more fun, every Friday there is a designated field trip for the entire program. Field trips include going to:

• Theme parks
• Public parks
• Bowling Alley
• County Fairs

As you can see, these programs can be advantageous, as they allow children to enjoy the summer, without being home all day. A huge bonus to the program is that kids are encouraged to participate in the activities. This obviously helps them stay active and healthy throughout the summer. It is unfortunate, but most children, when allowed to stay home, will sit on the couch and do nothing for two-and-a-half months. Extended School Services, or any school-run summer program works hard to keep children active and productive.
Not only are children allowed to stay active in the summer with fun, well planned out activities, but they are able to play with children their age. Much of childhood revolves around a child’s ability to play with others and learn how to effectively communicate. At a summer program of a several hundred children, your child has the opportunity to learn from others and meet new friends.
Also, when children are put together, you can introduce them to important lessons. For example, the lessons of sharing, patience, and responsibility, can all be effectively taught throughout the summer through the encouragement of E.S.S staff or “Leaders.”


You could always leave your children with their relatives, most likely their grandparents. The good news with leaving your child with a relative is that they are comfortable with that person, as they probably have engaged with them before. Leaving your child with your parent or in-law can be a good idea, however you risk your child not being able to stay active or healthy. Grandparents tend to spoil their grandchildren with sweets and toys. And, as they are most likely older, they are less likely to encourage rough-housing or extreme outdoor play. Now, there are exceptions; your family member could easily take your child to a park where they can get their daily exercise. And, perhaps the child’s summertime guardian is more health-conscious than they let on. But, these are what ifs that could be proven wrong or untrue. Ultimately, you want to make sure that your child is getting the exercise they need to maintain a healthy body weight and regulate their metabolisms.
The what ifs of the situation can cloud your judgement. After all, a child’s fondest memories are often with their grandparents or a loved guardian. It is important that though your parents might spoil your child with things you don’t always allow, it is their way of connecting with your child.


Sports programs are a great way to keep your child engaged in the summer, as well as active. It is important to remember that most sports programs, such as training and conditioning will only last a few hours. And, because it is the summertime, most sports programs will go easier on the kids in order to prevent exhaustion or other sun-related issues.
It is known that a sports program will not only keep your child exercising every day, but meet new friends and teammates. Sporting teams are a great way to build comradery in your child and teach them the value of teamwork. These lessons of course can be built on and used throughout their lives.
It is important to remember that these programs don’t last very long, so you will either have to arrange someone to kick your child up, or you will have to go pick them up yourself. Whether you work from home or not, the idea of having your child learn new skills can be rewarding. Better still, you can rest easy knowing that they are being active and improving themselves.


Summer camp is a common trope in American life. Every summer, millions of children are sent to summer camps all over the country. At these camps, you can expose your children to different lessons and people. Best of all, summer camp programs range to almost anything, which means your child can go and explore a camp on a subject they appreciate. For example, if your child likes horses, they can go to a horse camp where they learn about the animal, its upkeep, and perhaps even riding. So, no matter their interests from animals, to sports, to even art camps, there is a camp for that!

Art Projects

Art projects are a great way to entertain your child for hours, relatively cheaply. Art projects can be an exciting way to encourage creative thought and exercise your child’s capacity of wonder. Art projects can be hectic when organized in your home, there are places were your child can freely express their creativity. For example, there are art centers and ceramic cafes that support the practice of art and provide brushes, pain, and even canvases. However, though this idea is ideal, art supplies can be expensive. Also, your children can get messy, so you have to assume that one pair of clothes will have paint all over them.


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