Rebounderz Makes Babysitting Easy


When you are a nanny, you want to provide kids with enough entertainment that will last an evening and tire them out for the night. Kids have a lot of energy and most times nannies cannot keep up. This is especially apparent during bedtime when they are wild and you just want them to go to sleep.
What you need is an easy option to keep your kids entertained and safe while you are watching them. Luckily for you, Rebounderz indoor trampoline parks exist to help you out! At Rebounderz, we offer you many benefits for you to entertain the children for a long period of time.


At our trampoline parks, children have a large range of different trampolines to play on. They also have a selection of different attractions to choose from such as our ninja warrior course, foam pit, and JumpXTREME towers. As you can see, boredom doesn’t exist at Rebounderz! We are a perfect location to let kids run loose and have an entertaining day on our trampolines!

Time Consuming

Because Rebounderz offers our customers so many different options, it is easy to spend hours at our indoor trampoline parks. Because kids can spend so much time having fun at our parks, you, the caregiver, can relax and know the kids are having fun and entertained for most of your time with them. Better yet, while the kids are entertained with our attractions, you can go sit and do what you would like, such as listen to music, do your homework, or read a book.


Safety is our top priority here at Rebounderz. All our attractions are completely safe and are constructed with extra-foam padding. This way, you can rest easy knowing the kids are having a good time, safely.


Rebounderz is not only fun, but a very safe place for kids to play. Because the park is indoors, we are able to monitor who comes into the park and who doesn’t. Because of this, kids can be kept completely safe while they are enjoying our park. This will save any nanny stress, because you won’t be constantly having your head on a swivel looking for danger.


At Rebounderz, everyone is invited to come play on our attractions — no matter your age. That means, you are always welcome to join the fun and jump with the kids you watch. This is a great opportunity for any nanny to have a bonding experience and an enjoyable job babysitting!

At Rebounderz, we strive to make the lives of children more fun and exciting. With our many fun-filled attractions, we create an environment safe, protected, and more importantly, entertaining. We offer caregivers an opportunity to care for kids, while taking the stress out of child care. If you are a nanny and are wondering a fun activity to participate in with the children you care for, contact our indoor trampoline park today!

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