School Rewards: Plan Them Now

Are you a teacher or administrator in charge of rewarding students throughout the year? It can often be difficult to figure out how to best motivate students and keep their behavior up to par. Receiving good grades and the threat of detention isn’t typically enough for most kids to remain motivated throughout a full semester. They often need something more to look forward to in order to maintain good behavior and fulfill their academic obligations. So as the new school year begins, what do you do to motivate students? Here are a few ideas so you can plan appropriate rewards and use optimal motivational tools throughout the new school year.

Plan a Field Trip

It can often be hard to recognize students who do well in school. They often fly under the radar and do a good job because they have the self discipline to do so. Students who do a mediocre job often struggle to find a reason to push a little harder and do just a little better if they don’t have to. It’s hard to reward the good kids and motivate students to do better. But you can do just that with a little help from Rebounderz trampoline parks. One of the best ways to motivate students is to provide them with some incentive. Plan a school outing for your students at the end of the semester. Let them know now what they have to do to earn it, and any students who fail to meet the criteria don’t get to go. Whether it’s having a detention free semester or having all As and Bs, there are many ways to define success that earns this fabulous field trip reward.

Provide Instant Rewards

In addition to planning semester rewards, it’s important for younger students to earn rewards quickly. If they don’t see the reward in conjunction to what they did well, it’s not as effective in improving behaviors and grades. Prompt rewards, such as stickers or small toys, can make a big difference for some children. This lets them feel validated and helps them know that they’re being recognized for positive behavior.

Set Long-Term Goals

Even younger children can work towards long-term goals. Short-term goals are great, but long-term goals help children of all ages learn consistency in both behavior and academic performance. Perhaps teachers opt for small rewards in the classroom, like stickers or extra recess, but as a school, providing semester or even year long rewards can really help to set a positive tone for the year. Field trips and other fun rewards, such as classroom parties or free time, can motivate children to stick to difficult long-term goals that can be set in the classroom. Whether you want to improve behavior, academic performance, homework turn-in rates, or reading outside of school, rewards are the best way to go about it.

Give Students a Say

When you plan rewards and set goals, get the students involved. The more they like the reward, the more likely they’re going to work towards earning it. Give kids a fair say in their reward options. In the same respect, let them help you set the goals. You can give them an idea of what you’re looking for. For example, say that you can only earn the reward if you don’t get detention and reach a certain academic standard. Let them help define this standard in order let them feel like they have a say in what they strive for personally.

And Parents Too

When it comes to rewards, you better bet that many parents want a say in how their children are rewarded. Not all parents will be on board with a food-based reward or want their kids seeing a movie. While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with either option, there are other options that parents will probably find more appealing, such as going to a trampoline park for active play. Let the parent population take a vote on the parents’ personal favorite choices to reward their kids before setting your plans in stone.

You have the ability to motivate kids and bring the best out in them with a little help from a rewards system. Consider adding field trips to Rebounderz into your school’s rewards program and you’re sure to see new levels of success. Call us today for more information!

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