Sports You Can Practice on Trampolines

Trampolines have been used for many different reasons. Originally they were used as a tool for sports. But in later years they were re-purposed as an exercising tool and later a recreational toy. Today, trampolines are even available to the public in large indoor trampoline parks, such as Rebounderz. The elasticity of the fabric allows for maximum bounce, which provides certain sports a great way to practice their tricks and performances. In this blog, we will go over some activities that include the use of a trampoline in competitions.

This is pretty self-explanatory in that a trampoline would obviously be used for trampolining. Every year, the World Trampoline and Tumbling Championship is hosted by a new country in order to showcase the sport of trampolining. In this event, teams or individuals perform intricate tricks on a trampoline, being judged on landing, traveling, height, and time of flight. Though seemingly easy, trampoline acrobats must work years to perfect their trampolining technique.

Diving and competitive trampolining use very similar movements, so it would make sense that both use trampolines to practice flips and tricks. Trampolines are beneficial to divers because they allow them to catch maximum air in order to perform rapid, consecutive flips. Also, trampolines that are engineered for competitive jumping, allow divers enough air to simulate the height of a diving board.

There are many times that trampolines are utilized in gymnastics. Trampolines can be used to practice for floor routines and are a mandatory tool used in the event of the vault. When gymnasts perform at the vault, they are given only a few feet (25 meters) for a running start. At the end of the runway is a springboard that gymnasts use to propel themselves high into the air to perform a trick. In the beginning stages of learning vault, gymnasts will often use trampolines to help boost their estimated level of air.


Parkour, though not an official sport, has become a competitive event around the world. In its definition, Parkour is an “activity of sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment.” Parkour is a combination of running, jumping, flipping, and martial arts techniques, all performed in an urban setting. At first a fad, this sport is now celebrated around the world and it featured in many different competitions. Parkour is often judged on the speed in which the competitor can complete the course, or how stylishly they finish the course. Today, parkour professionals have been seen in movies and television shows, such as American Ninja Warrior. Though most parkour tricks are performed with natural momentum from running and jumping, some tricks can be practiced with the use of a large or small trampoline.
Cheerleading often uses trampolines for practice tricks and flips. In many cases, tumbling is used during performances and competitions. Because of this, young cheerleaders often train on long trampoline runways in order to perfect flips and back-hand springs. Only once cheerleaders feel they are prepared enough, will they move their tumbling abilities to the main performance floor. However, without the use of trampolines as a way to train cheerleaders, many would not be able to develop their acrobatic skills.

Slam Dunking
Sometimes at basketball games, trampolines are utilized in half-time competitions. These competitions can range in a manner of separate competitions, however the most popular is the slam-dunk. Often times, participants are hand-picked from the audience at basketball game to fill in the time between the first and second half of the game. Participants are changed with dribbling the basketball down the court, jumping on a trampoline, and trying to dunk the basketball in the hoop. The key of the competition is who can dunk the ball, and who can do it the most stylishly. When this competition is performed, often the whole crowd gets involved, cheering on the participants.
Slam dunking, in fact, is so popular, a sport called Slamball was created that incorporates basketball rules with a full trampoline court.

Whether you are a talented acrobat or just a participant in an audience, trampolines are a useful tool. They allow you to get the maximum air to perform flips and tricks that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. If you are interested in performing some slam dunk or creating new flipping tricks, come down to your local Apopka Rebounderz! Visit us online today!

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