Staying Fit With Trampoline Exercises

When we were kids, staying fit was frequently easy. You could run around outside with your friends, ride your bike for hours, the possibilities were endless. As adults, it’s a good bit tougher for two reasons. First, we have more responsibilities and less time. Second, we often think of exercise as a grimly serious undertaking. It doesn’t have to be, and one of the best ways to do that is with exercise at a trampoline place.

More people than ever are opting to exercise while bouncing, and it’s easy to see why. You’re able to lose weight, strengthen muscles and joints, improving the lymphatic system and balance, and ward off depression. Trampoline workouts don’t feel like a workout because they’re fun! As a result, more people stick to exercising on a trampoline instead of giving up.

So how, exactly, do you exercise on a trampoline? Glad you asked…

  • First, start simple and imitate the motions of jumping without actually lifting off the surface of the trampoline. Once you get comfortable, increase the intensity until you’re comfortable jumping. Then, push yourself to jump a little higher gradually. On its own, jumping is a terrific workout for your core and many parts of the lower body. By simply doing that, you’ll work up a sweat.
  • Next, try doing a mid-air twist. While you’re jumping, rotate your core from side to side. When you twist your core during a jump, your lats and abdominal muscles are getting an excellent workout.
  • Running is excellent cardiovascular exercise, but not all of us are into it. Try running in place while you’re on a full-size trampoline or a rebounder. If you start to get a little bored, try either alternating between running and jumping or adding knee slaps.
  • Jumping jacks on their own tend to be good exercise, but the impact with the ground can be tough on your joints. Instead, try doing them on a trampoline, but keep in mind that you may want to only use a full-size trampoline for this exercise instead of a rebounder. That’s because you can get some serious air, and if you slip, a rebounder doesn’t give you the space to just bounce harmlessly.
  • However, if you only have access to a rebounder, a great workout is side to side hopping. Instead of bouncing on a single spot, you’ll jump from left to right. In one variation, you actually jump off one side, jump back onto the rebounder, then hop off the other side. This workout is more intense and much faster paced.
  • Looking to give your upper body a solid workout? While you’re running in place or jumping, also use some low-weight dumbbells simultaneously. A quick search on your favorite search engine will show you a number of different exercises you can do.
  • If you’re at an indoor trampoline park exercising, one essential routine is the seat drop. It’s simple, you just jump up, but instead of landing on your feet, stretch your legs out and land on your seat. Then, on the rebound bounce, land on your feet and jump again. You’ll just alternate between seated and standing positions. This routine will help to increase your balance and also boost your endurance.

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