How to Do a Frontflip (Or Backflip)

Here at Rebounderz of Newport News, there is plenty of action to be had. There are plenty of cool tricks and jumping action that you can try out. From the JumpXtreme Tower to the jump area, you can find the perfect activity for you at our trampoline park. While some trampoline parks may not allow front or backflips at their facilities, here at Rebounderz, we encourage you to have some extreme trampoline fun.

This means that frontflips are more than just feasible, they’re totally worth trying.

However, before we go over the basics of how to do a front or backflip at Rebounderz, let’s cover a few of the rules we have here that you will need to keep in mind.

  • Only do single flips, not doubles. It may be fun to try a double flip, but they are against the rules.
  • Always land on two feet.
  • No double bouncing. Yes, we know you could get more height with a double bounce, but that’s strictly prohibited.
  • If you fall, tuck your arms in. While it may seem natural to reach out if you miss you landing, try not to. Tuck your arms in to protect your wrists.
  • Last, but not least, always listen to the Referee.

The Art of the Frontflip

When you’re at a trampoline park like Rebounderz, it’s actually very simple to do a frontflip if you know what you need to do. In order to give one a try for the first time, find a nice, quiet spot with plenty of space around you. Get comfortable and simply work on a good bounce. Practice getting a nice, high bounce in one spot. Once you feel comfortable with your bounce, it’s time to give a flip a try.

For your frontflip, simply get your bounce going. After a few good bounces, at the top of your bounce, bring your knees into a gentle tuck and throw your arms down from up by your ears towards your knees. Tuck your chin down towards your chest at the same time. This motion allows your arms and head to guide where you body goes and help you make a full rotation. Try and spot the ground and kick your legs back out as the ground comes back around. Allow your arms to go out, like if you were on a balance beam, to help you gain your balance. Remember to bend your knees as you land.

A backflip is very similar, but your motions are a little bit reversed. Once again, get comfortable bouncing. At the top of your bounce, leave your arms up above your head and bring your knees up to your chest, letting your head go backwards a little to look where you want to go. Again, kick out as you spot the ground and feel your single rotation coming to an end.

There are many ways to adapt a single rotation flip, both forwards and backwards, into other tricks that are a blast to try at Rebounderz of Newport News. A couple ways would be to try doing a flip in a pike position or a layout position instead of a tuck. In a pike, you keep your legs straight, and bend in half at the hips. For a layout, you don’t bend at all but make a full rotation in a flat position. You can also add twists to your flips. Twists are added solely with arm control. If you were to do a backflip with any form of twist, you simply bring your arms upwards on the bounce, start the flip and then bring one arm across your chest in the direction you want to twist. The other arm goes backwards into a folded position behind your head. The amount of force you give your twist and the amount of airtime for your flip will dictate the number of twists you can get in.

Here at Rebounderz, we love to push the level of skill of all our guests and let you try new things that you feel comfortable with. Feel free to practice your flips at our Newport News Rebounderz location, but remember to always follow the rules and the Referee’s directions. Come play at Rebounderz today!

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