Take the Ninja Warrior Course Challenge!

With American Ninja Warrior well into the 9th season of the show, it’s no wonder that the obstacle-based reality TV show has become a hit sensation. While it’s a blast to watch competitors try many difficult obstacles on TV, including fan-submitted obstacles this season, the fun really starts when you start challenging yourself to a real life Ninja Warrior course. From the salmon ladder to the warped wall, there are tons of fun obstacles to see and try from American Ninja Warrior. But the only way you can prepare, and the only way you can know if you’re up to the challenge is if you take on the Ninja Warrior course challenge yourself! And the only place to do that is at Rebounderz trampoline parks!

What do you need in order to take the Ninja Warrior challenge?


One of the most important aspects in order to successfully complete a Ninja Warrior course is to have strength. Strength training is a key component for any competitor, and it’s not just the ability to lift heavy weights or do a few pull-ups; it’s the ability for sustained strength. Muscular endurance is just as important to the Ninja Warrior course as strength is. The best way to train for muscular strength and endurance is through weight training and repetition. Increased weight and increased reps will help build the strength and the ability to maintain the strength through a Ninja Warrior course.


While a Ninja Warrior course is exceptionally physical, it’s also a stressful mental game as well. You need to have tenacity in order to persevere  through difficult obstacles and muscle pain that will happen. Having the mental tenacity to keep trying and push through a difficult task can make the difference between success and failure on a Ninja Warrior course. Trust us; we know.


You may have the urge to take an obstacles slowly on a Ninja Warrior course in order to complete a task accurately. However, this may work against you. Sometimes it’s better to simply power through and use your exceptional agility skills to make it through an obstacle successfully. Practice many soccer moves in order to improve your bursts of strength to get through obstacles like the quad steps that start most regional courses.


Training for anything takes plenty of practice and repetition in order train your body to appropriately respond to unique situations. By the time you’re ready to conquer a Ninja Warrior course, your body will know exactly what to do for each obstacle. Practice them slow and practice them fast. Isolate the movements and strengthen any muscles that are weak. This will lead to Ninja Warrior success!


This may sound a bit silly for a very physical activity, but the truth is that in order to be successful on a Ninja Warrior course, you need to be creative. This means that you need to be willing to try new and unique ways of getting through the different obstacles and how you use your body. Creativity can help you out of some tricky situations, especially as your body wears out during the course.


While many American Ninja Warriors are rock climbers or have unique skill sets that make them better at some obstacles than others, it’s exceptionally important to have a versatile background and skill set to prepare you for a Ninja Warrior course. This will allow you to have the strength, agility, and skill to achieve any obstacle placed in front of you.

At Rebounderz of Sunrise, we challenge anyone to try out our unique Ninja Warrior course! Not only is it challenging, but it’s a ton of extreme fun. Come by our trampoline park location today and check it out for yourself!


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