A child’s ability to freely play is crucial to their development. When children are allowed to play it allows for optimal development in cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Though some may claim that play can be frivolous, to a child that time of freedom and creativity pays off in the long run. It has actually been agreed by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, that every child has the right to leisure and recreation. This recreation, of course, means that every child has the right to play, imagine, and use their creativity. In this blog we will discuss specifically how the role of play helps a child develop their full mental and physical potential.

It has been proven that play has a direct correlation to a child’s brain development. When children are allowed to use their imagination, they can place themselves in creative situations. During play, children create unique circumstances and create solutions or alternative problem solving skills. With their ability to see the world around them and adapt that reality to a fun-filled play time, they are more likely to grow into cognitively mature people. Also, with a child’s ability to play, they are more likely to hone their problem solving skills with other children. When children play, their imagination creates stories with a beginning and generally, a conflict. By being allowed to play, children can not only identify problems, but solve them as well.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity in the United States has hit a record high–almost 40 percent! In fact, it has been reported one of five children ages from six to 11 are considered obese. Most of the reason for this sudden spike in childhood obesity is the reduction of outside play. With less amount of time for outside play, children stay cooped up in school or home, not allowing proper blood circulation. As a result of less active play interaction, children in America have grown to be overweight, and in most cases obese. One way to combat this sudden spike of inactivity in children is to promote play. By allowing children more time to play outside with their imaginations, there is a good chance childhood obesity could be eradicated.

When children are allowed to play, they are more likely to be emotionally healthy. When they are allowed to run, jump, and climb, children have proper circulatory blood flow to their brain and heart. Because of the blood flow to their brain, their mental functioning is heightened. When we expend energy, traces of dopamine are released into our brain; children are no exception. When a child is able to play, dopamine is released into their brains, giving them a feeling of joy or contentment.
When a child is happy, the feeling is contagious. Most children don’t play by themselves, often inviting friends or family to join them. When kids play with each other, they are building interactive experiences. Children, especially only children, need this interaction to grow with proper emotional and interactive skills for their later-on growth. When playing together, children from all backgrounds can learn problem solving and sharing skills, not to mention collaborative skills. When children play and imagine together, the result also leads to further communication abilities.

Play is very valuable to child, as well as an adult. When you are able to play with your child, you are forming a stronger bond with them than ever before. By sharing in their creativity, they create a greater attachment and trust with their fellow parent-playmate. By encouraging active, creative play you are ensuring that your child will grow into a fully developed person, with strong communicative and cooperative skills. It is important to know of places near you that also advocate for childhood play and imagination. Your local Rebounderz is fully equipped with trampolines, obstacle courses, and a foam pit. All of these items are perfect for a fun-filled day of play that will inspire your child’s creativity. Bring your child to an indoor trampoline park in your area, and see how their imaginations can run wild! Keep your little ones mentally and physically healthy this winter. Contact us your local Rebounderz today!

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