Throwing the Perfect Emoji Movie Party

Some summers, Disney is on the forefront of everyone’s mind with their next summer blockbuster. Earlier this year it was Moana, which is a fantastic movie, but the one that people are now talking about is actually by Sony and Columbia Pictures. Just recently released, kids are swarming to The Emoji Movie!

As an adult, you’re probably wonder how a company could make a feature length movie about emojis that we use on our phones and online every day. The answer is surprisingly simple. The movie follows Gene, a “meh” emoji, who has so many more emotions to express than just “meh.” So with this in mind, how do you throw your child the best kid’s birthday party ever seen based on The Emoji Movie? Let us here at Rebounderz of Sterling show you how to make this happen with minimal hassle.

Room Choice

The first thing you will want to do is call us up here at Rebounderz of Sterling and talk with one of our event coordinators in order to book your child’s birthday party. You’ll have several private rooms to choose from, but for an Emoji Movie-themed party, you’ll probably want to pick our polka dot room. It’s a happy and neutral room that just screams smiley faces. This makes it easy to set the mood and get your point across.


Decorations can really make the theme pop. Find banners with emojis or smiley faces to put up on the walls. Perhaps the local party store also has an Emoji Movie tablecloth. That’s something you don’t want to forget to pick up. In addition to these things, see if you can find some awesome emoji masks, or make them yourself, in order to place at each child’s seat for them to wear during the party!


For the main event, let the kids wear their masks and challenge each other to a rousing game of dodgeball. In order to keep this movie themed, set the stage for the kiddos. Break them up into two teams and tell them that one team is the firewall and the other team is Gene and his friends. They’ll immediately get this reference and have a blast. You can also encourage them to play a capture the flag version of dodgeball as well; that way, the emoji team really does have to get past the firewall.


You can’t have a kid’s birthday party without a cake, and here at Rebounderz of Sterling, that’s one of the few things you will have to supply. We supply the pizza and beverages, plus any add-ons you would like, but it’s important to remember the cake or cupcakes. For The Emoji Movie, cupcakes could be the perfect choice. Have the baker decorate the cupcakes in all different emojis and kids can pick their favorites. Or opt for one big cake with the main character Gene on it. You can also get creative and go for craft cookies that are shaped like a smartphone with different emojis on the screens. The options are literally endless.

Gift Bags

No kid likes to leave a birthday party without a little goodie bag. And as a parent, it can actually be a lot of fun putting together party favors. Whether you just want to do a few small things or your find a cool gift for kids, you’ll be more appreciated when you send kids home with sugar. For The Emoji Movie party theme, you could go a couple of ways with gift bags. You could opt for different candies, ones that fit the movie, like mini cellphones with candy or smiley face suckers. Or you can pack a goodie bag full of fun, smiley face toys, such as stickers, stress balls, and keychains.

“After Party”

While kids don’t need an “after party,” there are a few things you can do to make your child’s day just that much better. Invite just one or two friends home from the party and head over to the theaters for a showing of The Emoji Movie. Also, consider having a sleepover with these friends too so that the fun just never ends.

Here at Rebounderz of Sterling, we’re always on the latest trends and work hard to make your child’s birthday as special as they are. Contact us today to book your event at our Sterling location!

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