Tips For Helping Your Kid Master Dodgeball

Here at Rebounderz, we love dodgeball. That is why we have our own in the air dodgeball course at our Lansdale trampoline park. While there is no better place to practice the sport, and have fun doing it, your kid still needs to know what to aim for if they are ever going to become a dodgeball champion! To help them on that journey, we thought we would list some expert dodgeball tips here.


  • Your throw will benefit greatly from a one hand grip (you can’t throw as well with two hands). For the kiddos who may have trouble doing this yet, try using the seams and logos on the ball for a better hold.
  • When you throw, aim for the bottom half of a person. They will have to reach further to catch the ball, which decreases their chances. This way you can minimize the outs you get from having your balls caught.
  • Throw from the halfway point, as this minimizes the distance the ball will have to travel, increasing your chances of making a hit.
  • Don’t throw by yourself. When you coordinate your attacks as a team, the recipient of your throws will not be able to catch more than one ball at once, and will get an out.


  • While you want to catch as many balls as possible, it’s better not to go for those risky ones. Especially if you are winning, a failed catch can get you an out when you least expect it.
  • Keep your feet planted and crouch low for a catch. Your team will likely be throwing at your legs, so this way there’s no extra movement than moving your hands within their reach.


  • Don’t group up with your teammates, spread out across the course evenly. Otherwise you create a larger target, and it’s harder to catch when everybody is crowded together.
  • Don’t stay in the line of sight of your teammates. If you were to dodge a ball thrown at you while blocking their view, they wouldn’t be able to see it coming.
  • Always face the opposition; you can’t catch or dodge a ball if you don’t see it coming.


  • Target your most skilled opponents first. If you can take them out in the beginning of the game, it’s pretty much in the bag.
  • Unless you’re on the verge of losing, choose your throws carefully. Every throw may be an opportunity to get the other team out, but it is also an opportunity for them to catch your throw and get you out. All other things being equal, it is the judicious team that wins.

Hopefully these tips help your little one on their path to dodgeball mastery! If they want to practice their game and have a fun night out all at the same time, take them by our Lansdale trampoline park. They can enjoy our dodgeball park and our many other attractions. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our attractions. One of our team members will be happy to provide any answers you need.

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