Trampoline Park Birthday Parties: Bouncing into Your Kid’s Memory

Best Day of the Year
Children look forward to their birthday parties all year. It isn’t just the gifts and cake, because let’s be honest, what is your most memorable birthday cake? Kids get excited about their birthday because it is their special day! The one day a year that they are king for the day. For that single day, the world really does revolve around them. It doesn’t matter where they place in the chain of siblings, social status, or popularity rankings at school. The birthday party is the focal point of this special day, as it is the formal time reserved to acknowledge and celebrate the honored guest. Especially in the school age years, the birthday party is something that kids think about far in advance and the anticipation builds up. As the significant day nears, they share their excitement and anticipation with all their friends. Kids don’t always remember who was there or what flavor ice cream accompanied their cake, but they remember the event. As nice of a gesture and sentimental it may be to have a dinner of the birthday boy’s choice with cake and presents at home with family, this doesn’t stand out in their memories as they age. As children, we will tell the stranger at the grocery store about our birthday party and reflect with our friends about it.Think of it this way: dinner and a movie is a nice date, but it doesn’t stand out as a special day in our memories of dating our significant other. With the expectation of excellence hanging above the parent’s heads, how do you plan a party that will be enjoyed by all the guests and be a lasting memory for your child? The easiest and funnest solution is to host the party at an indoor trampoline park!

Making a Lasting Impression
Every child knows someone with a trampoline; maybe YOUR kid is the neighborhood “kid with the trampoline” that seems to attract other neighborhood kids. The kids jump to exhaustion and return home where they ramble on about this flip and that twirl and how high so-and-so bounced. Now, imagine an entire arena scaped with trampolines ripe for bouncing and you are the guest star! What an amazing experience for a child to recall when reflecting on birthdays. “Remember that time we hopped as far as a football field and bounced up and almost touched the ceiling? That was the Best Birthday EVER!”

Hosting your kid’s birthday party at your local indoor trampoline park is a win-win for you and your child. Hosting at a trampoline park means all their friends and family can come along and enjoy themselves, saving your house from the flood of visitors. Party packages include decorations, food, cake, and clean-up, checking off your party to-do list quickly. Your child gets to feel like a star and can jump to exhaustion so he falls fast asleep upon returning home from his big day. A big event at an exciting place will provide quality material for birthday party reflection stories and establish wonderful memories for your child.

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