How High Could You Jump on Another Planet? Part 4

We all learn about the solar system in school. In fact, it’s usually one of the coolest science units we get to explore. There’s something just fascinating about learning what is out there, right now, hurtling through space beside us. The different features of each planet in our solar system make each planet intriguing and fun to explore.

At Rebounderz, we aren’t science teachers, but science helps everyone on our equipment have fun every day. Our trampolines help us fight the gravitational pull of Earth for just a bit longer so we can really enjoy flying! Of course, this got us wondering: how high could we jump on other planets?

In our last few blogs, we’ve been exploring how high you would be able to jump at imaginary Rebounderz across our solar system. Why? Because you never know what the future holds. Maybe, a thousand years from now, there will be Rebounderz across all the planets! At least we will have done some research so we won’t be taken by surprise. We’ve explored Mercury, Venus, Earth, our Moon, Mars, and Jupiter. The Moon is still winning jump-wise with jumps of 10 feet, while Jupiter is losing with jumps of only a few inches. Today, we’re going to look at Saturn’s moon and Pluto!

How High Can You Jump on Saturn’s Moon?

If we brought Rebounderz to Saturn, we would put it on its moon, Enceladus, because Saturn itself isn’t going to give us very great results. Its moon, however, would be amazing! We would have to set up our Rebounderz on ice, because the whole moon is basically an ocean with ice over the top. It even shoots out geysers of water into space! This Rebounderz would have to have a ceiling tall like a skyscraper. Why? Because one jump here will shoot you up 140 feet before you come back down. You’d be up in the air for a full minute! This is a lot higher than our own moon, so we guess we have a winner! The only downside of Enceladus is how far away it is from Earth. You’d have quite the ride to get there!

How High Can You Jump on Pluto?

Pluto is a dwarf planet, and it would take a long time to reach it because it’s way out at the very edge of our solar system! Once you got there, you’d have to get inside fast and warm up. Pluto is far away from the warm sun, which means it is all ice and rock. However, once you got inside our imaginary Pluto Rebounderz, you could jump 25 feet into the air, twice the height you can jump on our Moon. You’d get to be up in the air for 10 whole seconds! Talk about fun!

This is our last blog exploring jumping in our solar system, so we have a bonus! Our system has a lot of comets shooting through it, and it might be fun to make a Rebounderz on one. Or would it?

How High Can You Jump on a Comet?

We’re going to consider a great example of a comet, Comet 67P. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing cooler than jumping on a comet whizzing through space! There’s just one problem: if you did a normal jump on Comet 67P, you would jump straight off of it and just float into space. The comet doesn’t have enough gravity to pull you back down. That means your legs are strong enough to escape its gravity! Although, we don’t think this is necessarily a great thing. Floating through space doesn’t sound like a picnic!

Speaking of picnics and parties, there is no better place to enjoy great company and have fun than our trampoline parks in Apopka and Orlando. When you visit us, you get access to one of the most fun places on our planet. Sure, it isn’t a moon of Saturn that lets you take jumps that last a whole minute, but we think being up in the air for a whole minute and just waiting to fall back down might get a little boring. We love Earth and its gravity just fine, especially when we have a trampoline (or 10) to make our jumps that much more fun!

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