Trampoline Parks are Ideal for Birthday Parties for Kids of Any Age

From tiny tots to ripe grannies, a birthday party at a trampoline park is sure to be a hit! Kids of all ages can’t help but have fun in an arena full of bouncy floors. If you thought trampoline parks were just for school-age children, you have been missing out! Here are just a few reasons why trampoline park birthday parties are great for any age.


As with any other source of entertainment, there are a wide variety of games to play while jumping to and fro. For the preschool age, games such as duck-duck-goose and Crack the Egg can easily keep them entertained and giggling uncontrollably for hours! For the tweens and teens, showing off skills on the super bounce or during jump basketball are popular. For children of all ages, as well as adults of all ranges, dodgeball is a classic. Engage guests in an exciting round of trampoline dodgeball and everyone will be talking about your party for the next year!


It’s true, most trampoline parks cater to kid’s birthday parties, which is due mostly to the fact that this is the most typical group of people throwing parties that need help with hosting. This should not limit other age ranges! Perhaps your best friend is turning 41 and won’t want a superhero themed party in a room with pizza and presents and balloons, but you and all your friends can enjoy some pizza and beverages between jumps!


Birthday parties at trampoline parks are much more entertaining and interactive than a backyard barbeque, which is important as at any age! Most people invite guests to their birthday parties because they want to spend time with people they like and a birthday is a day that you get to choose what you do. If you find a trampoline park that also has other attractions like laser tag, an arcade, or an obstacle course, it can provide additional ways to interact with your party guests and explode.

Clean up

It doesn’t matter if you are the mother of a first grader or a grandfather who’s turning 70, nobody wants to deal with the hassle of cleaning up the mess after a birthday party! The great thing about hosting your party at a trampoline park is birthday party packages include cleanup! You and your guests can come, have fun, and head home without the stress of cleaning up after everyone or disrupting your home. And that’s one of the best gifts in life.

Every birthday party has the same things: guests, balloons, food, cake, and presents. Instead of having the same old party as everyone else, host yours at an indoor trampoline park! Whether your guests will be hordes of middle schoolers or PTA moms, trampoline parks are a jumping blast for children of all ages! Have you ever seen someone frowning while jumping on a trampoline? At Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena in Grand Rapids, our birthday parties include a personal party host to set up your party and keep it moving. We include food, drinks, and cake, as well as the cleanup! Call and book your birthday party today!

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