Trampoline Safety Tips for Seniors

Who says you can’t enjoy trampolining well into your golden years? If anyone ever does, tell them they are misinformed! Trampoline rebounding offers more than a few benefits for silver sneaker members including great cardiovascular exercise, bone support (and even growth), and a sense of joy that can’t be found anywhere else! Of course, like any age group, there are a few safety concerns that seniors should follow when enjoying a trampoline. Here, we will discuss a few trampoline safety tips specifically for the aging generation of jumpers.

1. Know your limits.

No one knows your body or your physical limits better than yourself! The pure joy that trampolining can provide may distract you from any physical ailments you may have. It is important to be aware of anything that may be of concern while bouncing, such as a history of orthopedic injury, heart problems, or blood pressure issues. While exercise can help with all of these concerns, trampoline rebounding is not one of the safest.

2. Be mindful of the youngsters.

Indoor trampoline parks are full of kids of all ages, from two to over one hundred years old! The younger kids tend to jump with reckless abandon, without a care to who is around them. As you jump, considerately, be sure not to crush the kids who get in your landing path. Politely squeal to alert them of your presence and remind them to share the space. If they give you sass, remind them to respect your elders, or that you are bigger and can bounce higher should they challenge you!

3. Wear grip socks.

Not only are the grip socks that are provided at trampoline parks fashionable to make you appear hip to the hop, but they also help protect you from the illnesses and stickiness that the young kids who are sharing the trampoline may leave behind! The grip socks also help you prevent slipping which allows you to land perfectly and catch more air on the rebound! The grip sock provided by Rebounderz help to reduce static electricity that commonly afflicts trampoline jumpers.

4. Watch your landing.

Everyone who jumps on a trampoline should always be mindful of their landing. Indoor trampoline parks offer safer landings than backdoor trampolines. Especially the Exoskeleton Jumper at Rebounderz, which eliminates gaps, exposed springs, and metal bars in the trampoline arena. Although trampolines are springy, small joints are at risk if you don’t land correctly. Most importantly, with all the kids jumping all over the place, when you nail your backflip, you don’t want to land on top of one of them!

Jumping on a trampoline offers a variety of benefits to the senior population, the most important of which, is fun! By following these tips and the safety rules dictated by your local indoor trampoline park, trampolining can be safe enough to enjoy for many years to come. For all of your trampoline enjoyment, come check out the trampolines at Rebounderz of Lansdale today!

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