Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

When you plan your kid’s birthday party, ideally it is out of doors, where the children can laugh and play and run to their heart’s content. However, in the winter time, it is much harder to send the children outside for the day. When you are planning a winter birthday party, you have to weigh the options of allowing the children to run amuck in your home or thinking of another creative birthday party idea. We have assembled this list of some fun, winter birthday party ideas to help make your planning easier and keep your house clean.

Roller Skating

Roller skating parties are the classic go-to indoor birthday party. If you are a millenial, chances are you had a birthday party (or two) at a skating rink. Upcycle this classic idea for your kids and host your kid’s birthday party at the local roller skating rink. Roller skating rinks are common birthday party sites and often offer birthday party packages and discounts for party guests. Many facilities also have additional amenities, such as snack bars and arcades, to keep the fun going between skating sessions. A great benefit to a skating birthday party is everyone stays active, has fun and goes home worn out.

Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are a growing hot spot for kids’ birthday parties all year round. Trampoline parks, such as Rebounderz Extreme Fun Zone, offer party rooms and packages for kids’ birthday parties. At Rebounderz, they offer themed birthday party packages and supply a party host, who will take care of the planning, setup, and breakdown of the party. Plan a stress free party and allow the trampoline park do the hard work so you can jump with your kids. The best part is, everyone will go home happy and exhausted.

Pool Party

Don’t discount this classic summer time birthday party idea just because of the cold winter air! Host a pool party at the local, indoor swimming pool or a hot springs, if you are lucky enough to live near one. Many people don’t think to take their children swimming in the winter, so when they are invited to a winter pool party, they will be as excited as if it were a hot summer day. Be sure to let the pool staff know there is a party so they can accommodate with the appropriate number of lifeguards. The benefits to a winter pool party is you don’t have to remember sunscreen or worry about the ice cream melting!

Laser Tag

Nothing says, “let’s celebrate,” like friendly competition. Laser tag gets all the guests involved in a team setting, running around letting their inner child out. Laser tag is a great way to get you engaged in physical activity and stay warm during the winter. Laser tag centers are usually used to hosting kids’ birthday parties and often have party rooms to relax and enjoy downtime with guests between battles. Many laser tag places are part of larger family fun centers that offer other activities, such as an arcade, batting cages, and go-carts.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is an alternative to the classic roller skating birthday party. Ice skating may invite a few extra injuries if participants are novices, but in a group setting, it can be a fun way to celebrate a winter birthday. Just like a roller skating party, guests can have fun skating around with each other, while enjoying a classic winter sport. Ice skating rinks are often home to other amenities, such as snack bars and party rooms where guests can wind down after a good skating session.


Bowling is a great activity for any age birthday party. Bowling alleys typically have food, arcades, and other activities in addition to bowling. Bowling is a sport that is easily modified by the weight of the ball, gutter bumpers, and ball ramps to accommodate all age ranges and skill levels. Bowling alleys are common birthday party venues and often offer birthday party packages and food specials.

Costume Party

If you do decide to host a party at your house, keeping the children entertained inside may be difficult. Combine indoor party ideas to make a fun party to remember. We recommend a costume party! You can suggest a theme — maybe the birthday kid’s favorite movie — and invite guests to create unique costumes; offer rewards for the best costume. Plan several fun activities and games to prevent the children from getting restless.

Just because you cannot plan a grand barbeque or water park birthday party, it doesn’t mean that your winter baby should have a sub par birthday party. There are plenty of ways to provide fun and entertainment for your kid’s birthday party without subjecting your house to dozens of trampling feet and icing covered hands. If a trampoline park sounds like a fun solution to you, call us at Rebounderz Extreme Fun Zone in Grand Rapids. Contact us to book your date now.

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