How Rebounderz Helps You Conquer Fear

How To Get Over Fear

In many ways, fear is an essential part of being alive. We need fear to alert us if something is wrong or to keep us from hurting ourselves. Fear is a primal instinct, deep-rooted within all of us. In the animal kingdom, fear keeps certain species from being eaten and able to pass on their DNA to the next generation. As we are on top of the food chain, we don’t often need to worry about being someone’s next meal; however there are still things out there that can cause us harm.

Fear of Heights

Sometimes, our fears can become overactive and become triggered over things that do not warrant a fearful response. For example, 13 percent of the population experience extreme fears, called phobias. Of the 13 percent that experience this type of fear, 7.5 percent have acrophobia, also known as a fear of heights. Roughly 23,542,500 people have a deep fear of heights. However, it is important to remember that this statistic is not including a fear of falling. A fear of falling is built into our instincts as human beings. In fact, humans are born with two innate fears, one of them being falling. As you can see, a fear of heights is a natural fear, but when it becomes a phobia, then you might want to resolve your fears.
Phobias are normally granted to a person who allows their fear to distract them or alter their lives in some way. People who have acrophobia, will not like to be in high buildings or stand on high places, like a roof or a cliff. Though most people don’t find themselves suspended over a cliff often, sometimes, acrophobia can manifest into a fear of flying, called aerophobia.
At Rebounderz, we offer you an opportunity to conquer your fears by using our facilities. It has been said that one way to conquer your fears is face them head-on. Of course, you always want to face your fears in a controlled environment, with supportive attendants that can help you. For example, at Rebounderz we have our JumpXTREME towers. These towers stand 10 feet high above the ground with a cushioned landing pad beneath them. Our towers are a great location to try out your fear-conquering techniques. Be sure that when you do try to face your fears, take the process slowly and know that Rebounderz protects our customers with the maximum amount of safety measures.

Fear of Flipping

At Rebounderz, you have plenty of opportunities to learn trampoline tricks and flips. However, there are a few people out there that are terrified of flipping. Most of the issue with flipping is the fear of falling down wrong and hurting yourself. As stated before, fear is important to keep up safe, especially when we are trying to do something that could be bad for us. When it comes to doing trampoline tricks, you can land on your head it you are not careful. However, when you are on a trampoline, the material of the fabric cushions your fall and minimizes any injuries. Comparatively, if you tried to do a backflip on concrete, your injuries could be considerably worse. When you are in the protected safety of Rebounderz, you can practice flipping as much as you want. Plus, with a full trampoline arena, you can get as much bounce as possible to perform tricks safely!

Fear of Sinking

Part of facing your fear is knowing that you will be okay when you face it. The whole struggle with fear is to identify what you’re afraid of and confront it. The more you ignore your fears, often, the worse they become. Many experts say that, before you face your fears, you should take a deep breath and assume the worst outcome — yes, this is what experts have said. The reasoning behind this logic is that, by imagining the worst thing that could happen, you can talk yourself out of that outcome. For example, at Rebounderz, we have a foam pit that our customers can jump into. If you are afraid of sinking and suffocating, you have good reason to feel these fears, but they are not necessary at Rebounderz. At our park, we have plenty of people watching our play arena at all times; and, if trust is an issue, bring a friend to help you face your fears. Due to proper support and supervision, you no longer need to be afraid of sinking!

Fear of Tight Spaces

For someone with a fear of confined or tight spaces, our foam pit could be terrifying. Claustrophobia, the fear of tight spaces, is a very common phobia and is difficult to break. The best way to overcome the fear is to face it head-on. At Rebounderz, you can come to our foam pit and jump in. Just like a fear of sinking, it is important to imagine the worst case scenario and then talk yourself out of that outcome. In the case of our foam pit, you can imagine that no one will see you jump in our foam pit, you will suffocate from the foam pieces and die. But, this is not a realistic outcome! In fact, only 60 percent of events claustrophobic people worry about actually happen. At Rebounderz, we understand our responsibility to the health and safety of our customers; therefore, we have attendants watching our park during all business hours, so you don’t have to worry about your worst case scenario!

Fear of Germs

Germophobia, sometimes called Mysophobia, is a phobia of germs. This fear often stems from a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Those who have been diagnosed with OCD often inherit compulsions, such as washing their hands after they have come into contact with certain things. It is stated by Professor Michael Kyrios FAPS that one-quarter to one-third of people with OCD have contamination fears and associated decontamination rituals, such as washing and cleaning. One way to fight this compulsion is to restrict yourself from washing your hands and entering a place know has the likelihood of germs.
We at Rebounderz take time every day to clean our indoor trampoline park; however, we don’t clean our surfaces every time a child touches it a foam piece or trampoline. Though our areas are perfectly safe, children are naturally known to carry germs with them. One way you can fight your germophobia is by coming to Rebounderz and jumping on one of our trampolines. This practice will not only help you let go of your compulsions, but give you a fun evening out.

If you are interested in conquering your fears and becoming stronger than your compulsions, you should consider facing your fears. Pretending that you don’t have these fears will only make them worse and affect your life more than they already have. If you want to see a positive change in your life, the first place to start is acceptance of your own fear. Though Rebounderz is a trampoline park for kids, we welcome all to visit our attractions. If you want to let go of your fear, visit your local Sterling, VA, Rebounderz today!

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