Planning Your Kid’s Birthday: Themes Part 1

With every year your child grows older, there always come that one stressful day — their birthday. Obviously, your kid’s birthday is a day that you are happy about, however, the stress of planning their birthday party is enough to make anyone reluctant. Most of the issue when every birthday comes around is you cannot decide what the theme will be and where to have the party. Both decisions are extremely important and will determine the success of the party. Though you could look on pinterest and host the party at your house, both ideas normally tend to result into a disaster. Children can be rambunctious and cause untold chaos within your house. At the same time, almost nothing that appears on pinterest turns out the way it does in the picture. With this in mind, you might be in need of a little guidance and perhaps some suggestions about your kid’s birthday party venue and theme.


Obviously, party themes differ between boys and girls. Most boys will want a truck, dinosaur, or monster theme birthday party; while girls might want a princess theme. However, there are other party ideas you can choose from that can be appropriate for both girls and boys. This list can help narrow down your party theme choices for your kids, especially if you have multiple children born on the same day!

Jungle Theme

Planning a jungle-themed birthday party is very easy and can be enjoyed by all. The theme also will allow you to get creative with party props and special goody bags. Jungle theme will allow you to utilize all sorts of animal prints in streamers, masks, party games, and even the cake. Instead of planning a party that has been overdone — a princess or truck theme — you will be able to give your child (or children) a truly unique party.

Disney Theme

Part of the appeal with Disney Inc. is that their films can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Multiple movies in the film feature multiple characters that range in personalities and genders. For example, newer Disney films such as Inside Out and Coco, are not targeting either boys or girls. The story is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, which makes them ideal party themes.

Winnie the Pooh Theme

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most beloved party themes because it can be used for both boys and girls. Not the mention that Winnie the Pooh has a lot of merchandise to use as party decor. By using a Winnie the Pooh theme, you can also use the different characters to involve in the party. For example, the party game “pin the tail on the donkey” can be replaced as “pin the tail on Eeyore.”

Spongebob Squarepants Theme

What kid doesn’t like Spongebob Squarepants? This is a great party theme because it is rare that you will find a kid that isn’t thrilled to be surrounded by characters from Bikini Bottom. When you implement a Spongebob theme, you can play around with the theme and the elements from the show. For instance, for the meal you can serve everyone “crabby patties” or hamburgers. You also could make the party extra fun and have a dress up party. This way, guests can dress like their favorite characters and reenact their favorite parts of the show.

Superhero Theme

It used to be that superheroes were more geared for young boys. Today, the DC and Marvel entertainment industries have expanded their universe to incorporate all genders. For example, some of their movies, such as the recent Spiderman: Homecoming, has enough humor and superhero flare that it can be enjoyed by all ages and genders. When you choose a theme such as Justice League or the Avengers, you are involving everyone, not just your children — adults can get involved too!

We hope that our list of birthday party themes have helped and inspired you to make your child’s next birthday truly spectacular. Once you have finished choosing your theme, you might want to decide where to have the party. One excellent place to host your kid’s birthday party is at your local Rebounderz.

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