The winter months can bring much joy, especially to young children. It is a time when children can play out in the snow, make snowballs and snowmen, and even ice skate! It can be a wonderful season, but sometimes the winds can be too blustery and the chill can be overwhelming. As a result, your kids may stay indoors for days, not getting their proper exercise.
When children are not able to get their fundamental daily exercise, cognitive functioning is reduced and fat deposits build up on their bodies. In a recent report published by NBC, it was recorded that one in five children ages six to eleven are not just overweight, but obese. Today, as much as 70.7 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. The obesity epidemic has reached a staggering rate and is only suspected to rise. In 2017 alone, the obesity epidemic hit a major peak compared to previous years. Though the 40 percent obesity in adults is an alarming statistic, the childhood obesity rate is even more disturbing.

Adults can make their own decisions; they make money and know the difference between healthy eating habits, and ones less so. However, a child does not know the difference, and often cannot make decisions for themselves. They eat what they are given and adapt to the habits of their guardians. Because of this, and what we know about the obesity crisis, we can conclude that the problem lies with the adults in a child’s life. By educating adults about healthy living, perhaps we can change the tides in this obesity epidemic in America. By possibly changing attitudes about health in parents, perhaps we will see a trickle down effect to our children. One way we can help educate parents is to share what we know about exercise, specifically jumping.
At Rebounderz indoor trampoline parks, we house many different trampolines, games, obstacle courses, and a giant foam pit. We have these attractions to help motivate kids to stay active both mentally and physically. When you jump on a trampoline, every muscle is used in order to keep your body upright and balanced. Without knowing that your are doing a full body exercise, a trampoline can tone your muscles and give you an afternoon of fun.
Jumping on a trampoline also does wonders for the circulatory system. As your child jumps on a trampoline, their heartbeat rises, pumping blood faster throughout their body. As the blood circulates, this contributes to a healthy heart and cognitive brain development. Because of this, your child not only becomes healthy physically, but they gain health mentally. This creates a more healthy and stable child.
Childhood obesity can be dangerous because habits are hard to break. If a child grows up in an unhealthy way, they are more likely to continue those habits later in life. Because of misuse of their bodies throughout their adolescence and into their adulthood, long-lasting health issues can occur at a younger age. By damaging their bodies while they are young, children only hurt their chances to gain a healthy future. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to determine the right course of action for their children.
By introducing your child to physical activities, you are encouraging them to live healthier lives; perhaps a healthier childhood you were deprived of? As a parent, the outcome of your child’s health is your responsibility. Do right by them, by showing them a healthy living style. Visit your local Rebounderz this winter and introduce your child the joys of trampolines, games, and physical activities. By showing them alternate things to do during the winter months they will be less inclined to sit around and damage their health. Visit Rebounderz online today!

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