5 Tips for a Great Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party in Edison for your kiddo can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of possibilities, so here are some quick tips for how you can plan a party that’s memorable and fun for everyone involved.



It’s a good place to start. Having a head count of who you can expect at the party helps make sure everyone is fed, so it’s recommended to have a RSVP attached. This also cuts down on wasted food or party favors, so it helps keep your party budget under control. Make sure you verify if the parents will be joining or if it will just be their child attending, so you know who needs to eat and who will be bringing what. Happy parents and happy kids make sure everyone goes home satisfied.



This seems obvious at first, but there are ways to cater these games to the groups involved. If you’re going to have an equal mix of parents and kids, get everyone into the game. Kids love to play games with adults, so if you can find a way to engage everyone, nobody ends up bored. We listed a few ideas here, but it’s by no means exhaustive. A game of capture the flag or freeze tag gets everyone active and hungry for cake! The Name Game can help break the ice so everyone is comfortable and in a playful mood.



With that being said, it’s important to make sure everyone is safe when playing. It’s recommended to go over some rules to make sure nobody gets hurt. Injuries are the opposite of fun! At Rebounderz, we have regulations in place to keep everyone in playing shape. After all, our motto is, “Extreme Fun, Maximum Safety.”



We recommend having rewards for participating and behaving. Having extra party favors will incentivize the kids to join in on the fun while being on their best behavior. This can also be intangible, like positive feedback and comments. Something as small as watching when they want to do a trick can have a huge impact on them while having the added bonus of ensuring their safety. We go into more detail with reward possibilities here.



Depending on your child’s interests, a costume party with a story or theme can really make the whole day memorable. If everyone shows up dressed as superheroes, you can set up a scenario where they get to save the day. You can have the parents play along as citizens in distress. When kids get a chance to rescue an adult, it develops a sense of pride you’ll see beaming on their face. This can work with any number of scenarios; from medieval knights on a quest to space-faring explorers, the options are endless!


We hope these ideas help get your birthday party planning off the ground, but if you need a little more help, we here at Rebounderz Edison are happy to bounce off more ideas with you. Give us a call at 732-902-6988 so we can put a spring in your step.


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