How High Could You Jump on Another Planet? Part 2

Humans have had their eyes on the sky for a long time – practically forever. We wonder if we’re alone on this planet. We build complex machines and put our own lives at risk to venture off the ground and into space to discover what lies beyond. We make up grand stories about what is out there and turn them into beloved movies. Yes, our planet is pretty great, and plenty of us are fine staying here, but we all look up sometimes. At Rebounderz, we think there’s nothing wrong with looking up and pushing off the surface to take flight, if only for a few seconds. That is why we have put together the perfect trampoline land in Apopka! But do we have the stop there? No! Why not expand off of planet Earth?

We can’t know if there are alien kids out there wishing we could build a Rebounderz on Mars so they could have their birthday parties there, but we can figure out how high those alien kids could jump! In our last blog, we explored how high you could jump on the Moon (more than 10 feet up!). In today’s blog, we’re going to get a little toasty. It’s time to see how high you could jump if we made a Rebounderz on Mercury and Venus!

How High Can You Jump on Mercury?

Well, before anyone does any jumping, we’d have to install a super-strong air conditioning and heating system as well as a really strong bubble to hold in air, or atmosphere. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and is the closest to the sun. It has no atmosphere at all! That means heat from the sun hits really hard, really fast, and then leaves really fast when things get dark. During the day, Mercury can get up to 800 degrees hot and -280 degrees cold during the night! No human can survive those temperatures, not without a lot of protection, so we’d have to work on that.

Once we got everything safe, we could start jumping. Because Mercury is small and has gravity only 38 percent as strong as the Earth’s, we could jump three feet into the air! Sure, this isn’t as high as the 10 feet on the moon, but getting to jump with the sun looming huge in the sky would be awesome!

How High Can You Jump on Venus?

Even though Venus isn’t right beside the sun, it’s still the hottest planet in the whole solar system, reaching up to 863 degrees Fahrenheit! Why? Because it’s covered with clouds of acid. It turns really slowly, so one Venus day is equal to a whole year on Earth! That means if you went to our imaginary Venus Rebounderz for one day, you would be there for the length of a whole year on Earth! Of course, you’d have to stay inside our specially-cooled building, because you wouldn’t want to get acid on you. Now, Venus is often called Earth’s “sister planet” because it’s almost the same size. That means, inside our Venus Rebounderz, you wouldn’t notice much difference in how high you can jump. It would be pretty much the same.

We don’t know about you, but the Moon is still winning here. It isn’t burning hot or covered in acid, and you can stay 10 feet up in the air for four seconds!

So far, Rebounderz is just on Earth, and we think that’s great, because it’s where you are! We provide a safe, fun, dynamic environment full of the best trampolines ever. Visit our trampoline parks in Orlando and Apopka for great fun and check back for our next blog. Who knows? Maybe another one of our planets will beat the Moon for jump quality!

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