Having Children: The Pros and Cons

Why Should You Have (Or Not Have) Children

It used to be that having children was a basic human instinct. In the days before modern medicine, children were a way to ensure the passing on of money, prestige, and genetics. Children were also a sort of insurance policy, or protection. The more children you had (specifically boys), the more you would be cared for physically and financially in your old age.
A lot has changed since the days of lords and serfs, now, children are not a necessity. Today, people have children to pass on the family name but also expand their family. Though it is popularly considered that children can be a positive addition to a family, now more than ever couples are choosing not to have children. And, if they do decide to have children, it is not until they are well into their 30s, sometimes 40s. A recent poll states that in America, there were 103 births per every 100,000 women between the ages of 30 to 34 years. In the 1950s, the average age women gave birth was 25. Today, women typically won’t have a baby until they are 28-years-old.

Why? Much of the reason women are choosing to have children later is that they have many more career opportunities than in the past. Today, women have the capability to reach managerial, executive, and even CEO positions. Because of this shift in opportunities, some women like to focus on their careers, rather than raise a family. In this way, women can live their lives being fulfilled by their merits, rather than how many children they can have.
Ultimately, the choice of having a child narrows down to the type of person you are. Being a mother can be taxing, and requires more patience than imaginable. However, motherhood is also a basic instinct of our species. Today, humankind is seeing a shift in childbirth, as women (and men) are choosing to live their lives fulfilled by something other than offspring. In this blog, we will discuss some of the positives and negatives associated with having a child. We will demonstrate the shifts in the mindset of procreation, as well as the statistical facts that surround the subject.

Pro: Children Can Bring Joy and Meaning To Your Life

The most common benefit to having children is the joy they bring to your life. Having a child shows you the simplicity of the world and encourages you to see your surroundings with a refreshed aptitude for imagination, creation, and positivity. Though some may think children are naive and don’t see the world as it truly is, parents of children are given the unique perspective of a child. By interacting with your child, you will be able to see basic human nature, the methods to curb behavior, and the joy life can bring.
Having a child can also bring meaning into your life. Evolutionary psychologists claim that the desire to reproduce is interwoven into our DNA. As a species, our past method of survival was procreation. However today, we no longer have that need. But, even with the original reasoning no longer valid, having children still can provide meaning to your life. By passing on your genetic information, your stories, and the lessons you teach, you carry on a bit of yourself after you die. A child is a parents way of sustaining the lessons they learned from their parents, and so on.

Con: Having Children is Expensive

Children are expensive — there is no way to sugar-coat that fact. On average, a parent will spend almost $14,000 annually to care for one child. If you are planning to have more than one child, you must understand the expenses that are included. With these expenses, a couple could be spending well above $233,610. Of course, this sum is only a tentative sum, and only covers birth to 18 years-old. Also, this number does not include college tuition. So, if money is an issue, deciding to have children might give you pause.

Pro: Children Are Entertaining

A positive aspect of having children is that they are exceptionally entertaining. When you have a child, your life is consumed by their existence. Everything they do, say, eat, or dream about, become your priority. When you get older, having a child to share your life with, and share theirs, can be emotionally rewarding. Also, as children are so entertaining, you will never find yourself with a lack of purpose or something to do. Because a child can be entertaining, you will have more reason to experience and explore the world around you accompanied by your child.

Con: Children Require Entertainment

Children, though entertaining, require constant stimulation. This means that your child will want to play constantly and experience things. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is looked after and entertained as much as possible. But keeping your kids stimulated, you can encourage learning skills and behavioral lessons.

Pro: Elderly Care

Though in the middle ages children were a form of social security, today there are still elderly benefits to having children. If you have children, when you grow old your kids can help take care of you and make sure you are well looked after. When you are older and without children, your own care is in the hands of your spouse and taxpayers. Having children can definitely be a benefit to you when you are old, although just because you have children won’t guarantee that you will be supported by them when you reach seniority.

Pro: Unconditional Love

Having a child evokes a type of love that only parents can describe. Giving life, caring for that life, and seeing that person grow up, is one of life’s greatest gifts. Being able to share your life with a child and teach them lessons passed down from your parents can be rewarding. Regardless if you can send your child to the best schools or give them everything they ever wanted, being able to have a family produces a love that is unconditional. For some, having a baby, despite the expense it worth this feeling of love.


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