Taking Your Kids to Rebounderz on Mother’s Day

What is the Best Gift For Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day lands on Sunday the 13th of May. For many in the United States, this day is to commemorate the work of mothers and the accomplishments they have seen through. Because it is an official day to show your love and appreciation for the special woman in your life that has done so much — many offer gifts or treats to their special someone. Much like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day has become extremely commercial, where mothers are showered with gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. However, though these gifts are nice and appreciated by mothers all over the country, is this what they truly want?
For some mothers, motherhood and child care is a constant job. And, one that you cannot let up for a second. Mothers can feel a lot of pressure because society forces this idea of maternal perfection on them. In truth, the perfect mother doesn’t exist — neither a perfect father. There are only people that do their absolute best to ensure their child grows up healthy and happy. This job isn’t easy and requires constant attention. Children will always need a guiding figure in their lives, but not many realize the toll that type of responsibility takes. Surprisingly, one of the best gifts you can give your significant other for Mother’s Day is a day off.
What does this mean? Well, for the day of Mother’s Day, your mom, your spouse, or your significant other get a day to themselves, away from the noise of childcare. Yes, the best gift you can give them is a day of peace and quiet. So, in order to ensure this magical day, you may want to do some planning.

Coordinate The Day

If you want to give the mom in your life a day they are not likely to forget, you will want the day to be planned out. That means you will have to plan to make them meals, schedule appointments, and give them time to themselves.


Breakfast in bed is a very common Mother’s Day treat. Most spouses and children will wake up early and make a complete breakfast for their mother figure. However, it is important to remember when planning this breakfast to clean up everything once you are done. If the mom has to clean up her own breakfast, it defeats the purpose of the treat. So, make sure that you and your little helpers clean every inch of the kitchen if you plan to make mom a breakfast surprise.
Second, you may not want to coordinate a breakfast in bed. When parents eat in bed, this typically means that something will fall or spill. Especially if rowdy children want to join in on the bed breakfast. It is always best to plan the breakfast at an actual table where the items can be safely and cleanly eaten.

Free Time

You will want to give the honorary mother a moment of free time. This means this is a three-hour block of time that you do not plan for. This means that your spouse or mother can do whatever she wants to do with her day. The best part of this surprise is that it allows the mother to do what she wants to do with her time. So, if she wants to read a book, paint, watch a movie, or even take a nap, the day is hers completely.
Mothers don’t typically get a break in their day. Children a demanding and require undivided attention, however, giving your special lady time to have her space will be a time she won’t forget.

Scheduled Luxury Item

Mother’s Day is a great day to pamper the woman in your life. It is a time where you can schedule out a time to give them a luxurious experience they don’t normally get. For some, a spa day is what is recommended, as spas offer an array of services that relaxing and peaceful. At a spa, a mother will be able to choose what type of services she wants, from a massage to a seaweed wrap. Regardless of the services she decides to choose, each spa session will offer her a moment to relax and rejuvenate her body.


For dinner, it is best to get a babysitter for the children and treat your spouse to a special dinner. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be a five-star restaurant. A “special dinner” can be anything that she would consider memorable. That means a special dinner could be something like her favorite burger joint, a seafood restaurant, etc. Just make sure that whatever you eat for dinner it is an intimate dinner between the two of you. Afterall, while a mother is busy with her children, she will rarely have time for anything else — which unfortunately will include her spouse from time to time.

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