How a Trampoline Can Be Good For Your Toddler

Trampolines and Toddlers

Though it may seem like trampolines and toddlers would not mix well, they actually make a beneficial pair. The thought process, for most parents, is that trampolines are dangerous and meant for older children, such as six-year-olds. On the contrary, studies have shown that trampolines are actually good for toddlers and provide a range of health benefits. Not to mention, trampolines are entertaining and fun, for everyone. So, when thinking of a fun place for the whole family, your local Newport News Rebounderz would be it!

How Are Trampolines Beneficial?

In past blogs, we have discussed the many benefits to having a trampoline, either for children, adults, and the elderly. Though we have covered those age groups, we cannot neglect the toddler age group, as they too can benefit from bouncing on a trampoline. But, how? Though babies and toddlers don’t know most of their numbers or colors, they can feel sensations. When they bounce or walk on a trampoline, they are still experiencing the sensation of the elastic under their feet. Also, because children like to observe, they can stay entertained by watching others bounce. Even if they don’t understand the name or physics of a trampoline, they are just as likely to enjoy one, just as any other age group.

Physical Benefits

Physically, a baby can benefit from the motions of bouncing or even crawling on the trampoline fabric. Bounces or jumps can provide toddlers with vestibular stimulation. The vestibular system constitutes the inner ear and its direct nerve pathways to the brain. This system is responsible for movement, balance, and other developmental roles. During play, this system is stimulated and offers children a greater sense of balance and motor control. As a toddler, these skills are valuable to eventually perfecting walking and running.
Trampolines also offer toddlers muscle strength and motor skill development. Through the repeated jumping motion on a trampoline, toddlers can build leg and torso muscles, as well as gain a better understanding of movement and body awareness.

Mental Benefits

Bouncing on a trampoline won’t make your baby speak coherent and complete sentences or make them learn times tables. However, bouncing on a trampoline can teach them non-verbal lessons that will impact them nonetheless.
When children are between the ages of two and five, they are extremely impressionable and learn by example. At an indoor trampoline park, toddlers are able to learn valuable lessons by either observing other children or demonstrating themselves. For example, at a trampoline park, children will learn about safety, such as to give other jumpers space. Toddlers can learn this lesson too and determine the appropriate spatial awareness among other jumpers. Second, toddlers can also learn the importance body control. Jumping can teach children how to use their lower body muscles, but also their core. This learning will help them develop other physical skills, as well as mentally teach them the capabilities of their body and mind.

Emotional Benefits

Emotionally, your child could benefit from an afternoon on a trampoline. If your child enjoys adventure and exploration, an indoor trampoline park would be ideal. Within Rebounderz indoor trampoline parks, we have several attractions and multiple trampoline arenas. Your child, no matter the age, will be overwhelmed by the magnitude of our park, as well as all the fun activities within it.
Aside from being emotionally overwhelmed with the possibilities of our park, your child will also be overcome with joy after playing at our park. Trampolines naturally encourage dopamine release, which makes you feel light and happy.


At Rebounderz, there is a little bit of fun around every corner. Better still, this fun isn’t restricted to just older children. Anyone can enjoy bouncing on a trampoline and reap the physical, emotional, and mental benefits. If you are interested in introducing your toddler to the world of trampolines, bring them to your local Rebounderz.

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