Ideas to Entertain Your Child For Summer

Summer Is Coming

Many will know the famous words of Game of Thrones character, Eddard Stark, “Winter is coming.” In our case, winter has now passed, and another season is well on its way — summer. For children, the phrase, “summer is coming,” will cause overwhelming excitement and joy. However, for parents, the phrase can cause both an internal and audible groan. Summer is fun for children because it is their vacation from school. For the entire summer, they are away from their school and don’t have to worry about an assignment or even cafeteria food. Summer, for a child, is synonymous with freedom. But with this freedom, children will then demand to be entertained constantly. When a child is in school, they are looked after constantly and offered endless things to do to keep them occupied. When summer rolls around, however, children have no construct, no schedule, which typically means they sit on the couch watching television for two months.



The Challenge of Keeping Your Child Active

As a parent, your child’s health is your responsibility, which means you will want to do all that you can to ensure your child is getting their due exercise. The issue with juggling both your parental duties and your job is that you might not always be around to ensure your child is staying active. For some parents, staying involved in your child’s physical activities can be difficult, especially when your child is left in someone else’s care. It is important, as a parent, that you encourage your child to sustain an active lifestyle outside of school. Mainly because school doesn’t last forever. If you encourage your child to be healthy outside of school, they will most likely continue being physically active long after they have eventually graduated from school.

How to Encourage Physical Activity

In this blog, we will discuss the many ways you can keep your child active during the summer months. With this blog, we hope you can find inspiration and learn new and exciting ways to involve your child in activities throughout the summer. We understand the struggles of keeping your child active, especially when you are working a full-time job. Because of this, our examples include easy options that could potentially keep your child healthy throughout their lives. Best of all, these activities don’t have to involve you. These activities can be conducted with other people or just by your child. Though they don’t involve you, having a chaperone keeping tabs on your child is also important. For example, if your child is unexpectedly hurt while they are active, it is always good to have someone looking out for them while you are at work.

Ride a Bike

One of the most common activities for a child to participate in is a bicycle riding. A bike can be a great way to keep your child active and mobile throughout the summer. Best of all, it is also a mode of transportation, so if your child would like to ride their bike to a friend’s house, they can. Bicycles are an advantageous item because they are not only fun to ride, but they encourage movement in almost all muscles in the body. Bikes allow children to strengthen their leg muscles and increase their ability to focus. For example, when a child rides a bike, they have to be vigilant to look for cars, animals, and people. Also, if your child performs any tricks on their bike, they must stay alert so they do not seriously injure themselves.
Bikes are wonderful toys because, if your child is interested in learning new tricks on their bike, perfecting certain moves can take hours. For example, if your child is interested in learning to perfect a “wheelie,” the whole venture could take them one to two hours! Bikes are an excellent source of entertainment, as they can be used for both exercise and tricks.

Ride a Skateboard

A skateboard has many beneficial uses. Though skateboarders are accident prone, skateboards are incredibly useful to learn balance, physics, and bodily motion. For example, a skateboard cannot move or change positions without the rider learning how to control their body. Without proper balance or control, the rider would lose the ability to control the speed or direction of the board. Because of this, your child could learn valuable lessons about trajectory and motion. Also, despite a rider staying in a standing position most of the time, skateboarding actually involves almost all muscles in the body; a rider’s legs are used for propulsion, while their core is used for maintaining balance. The arms are also used to keep balance and sometimes perform a trick. Skateboards are wonderful items to intrigue your child for hours and keep them active throughout the summer.
Skateboard are items that need a learning curve. Because of this, if your child is just starting out as a skateboarder, you should buy them safety pads. Proper balance isn’t something your child will be able to learn in one day. Because of this, some falls and trips are in order. It is important that you prepare yourself and your child for some injuries. But, even with this cautionary bit of advice, there are still advantages to riding skateboards. For example, if your child is used to making boarding errors, they will be more accepting of other errors in their life. And, just like in skateboarding, they will likely try again and again until the task is perfected, ultimately improving their capacity for perseverance.

Play a Sport

Basketball and soccer are both great sports to play with others and individually. Whether your child is just shooting hoops or randomly kicking around a ball, they are still getting exercise. Best of all, these types of sports can increase endurance and prepare your child for in-school sports programs. Small actions, such as shooting a basketball, take more exercise than you would assume. When shooting a basketball, you are incorporating your leg and arms muscles simultaneously. Because of this, your child is getting their much-needed workout, while also enjoying a sport.

Go for a Walk

Walking can actually be a valuable tool in terms of keeping your child active. When your child walks, they are still burning calories, albeit slowly.
Walking can be an excellent way to clear the mind and take in the surrounding scenery. Because your child is often cooped up in a classroom, they won’t often get the opportunity to simply walk through a park or your neighborhood.

Rebounderz of Apopka

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It is important for children to stay active in the summer, but it also is essential that they have fun. Rebounderz has indoor trampoline parks all over the country, dedicated to enhancing your child’s summer vacation. If you are interested in finding an exciting, safe location for your child, Rebounderz is the place to be.

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