Rebounderz Summer Camps are Worth Your Investment and Trust

Summer Camps Are Worth Your Money and Trust

In today’s world, there is no such thing as a sugar-coated message, or information that is received gently. No, today, we get hard-cut facts and harsh realities posted on every media outlet. Though burying our heads in the sand could drown out some of the negative news we are receiving about our world, it doesn’t stop it from happening. Our reality is that safety is not a guarantee. Due to this fact, parents are questioning whether they should enroll their children in summer camps. Fear, unfortunately, plays a huge roll in this mindset as parents question whether the summer camps in their area are capable of protecting their children.

We are here to say, camps are worth every penny. And, our camp works to keep your children safe.

Questions to Ask

Separating from your child can cause anxiety. No matter how old your child is, leaving them in the care of someone else can be nerve-racking. Summer camps are created to provide parents some free time in the summer, not anxiety. The idea behind summer camps is to keep children active and allow parents to go to work while their children play. Much of childhood is surrounded by the experiences of summer camps. Fear should not restrict your child from having these experiences. However, caution is never a bad thing. So, if you would like to send your child to a summer camp, the best thing you can do is complete a little research. Learn more about the camp you would like to send your child to and make sure you ask all the appropriate questions. In this blog, we will discuss some of the questions you should ask any summer camp you are considering. Hopefully, with our list of questions, we can give you peace of mind and allow you to send your child to a summer camp.

Is the Camp Licensed or Exempt?

An important question to ask before allowing your child to go to a summer camp is whether the camp is licensed or not. In the state of Florida, it is mandated that a camp (any camp) have federal licensing. In order to become licensed the camp must submit an official Recreational Camp Application to the Florida Department of Health. They also must pay workers up to $8.25 per hour and fully screen them for any criminal charges. Approved organizations may conduct FBI checks on their employees through the Volunteer & Employee Criminal History system which cost around $36 for each employee. Camps must also offer 30 minutes of break time after 4 hours of work (or playtime). To be considered as an official child care organization, a camp must also present the state with a clean, up-to-code facility. After all of these things are completed, and the state grants the camp licensing, only then can a camp care for children.

What is the Staff-to-Child-Ratio?

The ACA requires that ratios between staff and campers follows a strict 1:5 rule (based on age). This means that there must be one staff member for every five campers between the ages four and five. However, if the campers are older, such as ages six to eight, there can be one staff member for every six campers, and so on.

Are the Staff Trained in CPR and First Aid

You should also ask if your camp has employees that are all CPR and First Aid certified. Though accidents aren’t common, they can happen. Because of this, it is best to make sure you put your little one’s safety in capable hands.
You also may want to ask how old the staff are. For example, the ACA makes sure that 80 percent of camp employees are over the age of 18. Due to this standard, you will be leaving your child in an adult’s hands rather than a teenager’s. It can be argued that summer camps are actually safer and better for your child than regular babysitting. After all, babysitters can sometimes be younger than 18 and are not CPR certified or have any formal first aid training.

What Defense Systems Do You Have in Place

You can ask if the summer camp has any safety or defense systems or protocols in place. For example, you can ask if the summer camp has any natural disaster safety process to help protect children. If the fire alarm goes off suddenly, how will the staff collect and escort the campers out of the building safely? Asking these pertinent questions will mean the difference between sending your child to a camp that is unprepared to care for your child, and one that knows proper safety protocol.


At Rebounderz, we offer summer camps and summer field trips to children in the Apopka, FL area. We hold safety at the top of our priority list. Simultaneously, we value each of our campers and strive to give them the best time possible. Summer camps are more than keeping your child busy during the summer, they are about giving your child the opportunity to meet new friends and experience new things. According to a recent statistic published by the ACA, 93 percent of children said they befriended other children that were different from them. Perhaps, summer camps aren’t just for experiences, but also to help children understand others.
If you are looking for a dependable summer camp for your child, feel free to contact us and ask us questions about our summer camp. Contact us today.

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