Active Mommy-And-Me Activities That Are Good For You and Your Toddler

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, or even a nanny who is looking for ways to combine exercise and spending quality time with your toddler, active mommy and me classes are a great way for both of you to get some much-needed exercise, spend quality time together, and help your little one’s development. Local rec centers and mom social groups may have ideas specific to your area, but here are some ideas you may not have considered yet.

Toddler Yoga

Mamaste! Don’t find mindfulness and peace alone, offer your little one the benefits of yoga. The majority of people recognize the benefits of yoga for the mind, body, and the soul. However, these benefits are not exclusive to adults seeking to find purpose in life. Yoga teaches patient reflection, body and breathing control, and improves flexibility and strength. Spending time doing yoga with your little one will help you balance exercise and bonding and will help your little one develop, physically and mentally. Find a yoga studio that offers mommy and me yoga in your area, or roll out the mats and get to work at home! If your youngster is old enough to strike their own poses, show them the moves and let them copy your movements. This is also an opportunity to guide them in mindful reflection. If your kiddo is too young to understand, modify your movements to include them in your poses, not unlike goat yoga!

Splish Splash

Water aerobics is a fun workout for people of all ages! Take the plunge and hop in the pool for some mommy and me water aerobics. Many local pools and rec centers offer mommy and me classes to welcome your efforts and the abilities of your child. If your child is old enough to swim, let them participate next to you, independently. This will allow both of you to get a great workout and instill confidence in your child. If your little one is too young to swim, safely, on their own, incorporate them into your moves for a little extra workout for you! Swimming is a great opportunity to instill safety and trust between you and your child and well as it is an opportunity to take advantage of buoyancy while carrying them around!

Bounce Around

If you haven’t been to a trampoline park recently, now is the time to go! Many indoor trampoline parks offer a toddler or kid area that is safe for even that littlest of jumpers. At Rebounderz of Jacksonville trampoline park, we offer toddler bounce time and free admission for the accompanying adult! Trampoline rebounding is an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise that also helps develop muscles and increases flexibility and agility. For your toddler, jumping on a trampoline can help develop coordination and balance that will launch them forward in their physical development.

Active exercise is good for both you and your toddler. While chasing around a little one may feel like a workout, seeking out a mommy and me workout to share with your little one has many benefits including showing your child the importance of exercise. Benefits to you, aside from the workout, are engaging in different activities that can help expand your social group while exhausting your child for a more peaceful afternoon at home! For more ideas or a schedule of mommy and me classes, contact us at Rebounderz Extreme Fun Zone today!

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