Prevent and Cure Boredom in Your Household

July is National Anti-Boredom Month! While boredom may not be an affliction that requires immediate medical intervention, it is something that should be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid the negative effects — mischief, built-up energy, and complaining! But, in all seriousness, there are risks and benefits to boredom that should be recognized before you offer a treatment or the cure to members of your household.

The Benefits of Boredom

Occasional episodes of boredom in your child may be a positive thing. Their complaints of “I’m bored, there is nothing to do!” can be likened to your “I have nothing to wear!” The dissatisfaction in the current situation allows you to tap into your creativity and find a solution. Some child psychologists argue that boredom is important for allowing children to dwell in the quiet that allows them to hear themselves, free of the external distractions of normal entertainment. In the hustle and bustle of the busy world in which we live, oftentimes our own thoughts and creativity can get drowned out, which can actually be detrimental to your child’s development. So, for the occasional bout of boredom, let it go untreated and see what they come up with!

The Potential Risks of Boredom

When boredom becomes a concern is when it is long-lasting or is a result of feeling trapped or purposeless. As humans, we all seek a purpose and some clarity for why we are. Children who experience long bouts of boredom can experience negative effects on their self-worth and outlook on life. Summer break from school is a dangerous time where children seem to have nothing but time on their hands and creativity can only carry them so far for so long. When boredom progresses from a fleeting feeling of a lack of something to engage in and becomes a permanent state of helplessness and misdirection, boredom can lead to despondency.

Prevent Boredom Over Summer Vacation

First, do not fall into the trap of parental guilt and wear yourself out filling your children’s calendar with events and activities to prevent perpetual summer boredom. Remember that some downtime is healthy and your event schedule should allow for some downtime. This downtime can be filled with creative outlets such as reading, craft time, or even naps! However, each day over the summer break should have something planned, even if it is just conducting household chores or a family movie day. Try to include educational activities as well as physical activities to keep your children active and learning. Learn a new skill together, sign up for a class at your local rec center, or complete a big project (like building a tree house or inventing a game).

Treating an Active Outbreak

When your children begin marching around the house like summertime zombies, rolling on the floor and crying out “I’m bored,” don’t hesitate to tap into something active. This is an indication that their creative juices have been depleted and the mischief is about to begin. Find an outlet for their energy stores, in a fun and entertaining way. You can head to the local park, but if you have already gone several times this week or you are also experiencing inclement weather, we suggest you head into your local Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park for some healthy trampoline rebounding. You and your kids can jump to your heart’s delight and you won’t hear any complaints about boredom. They can use their creativity to entertain themselves on our arena-style trampolines and use their problem-solving skills and feats of athleticism during a game of trampoline dodgeball or to tackle our ninja warrior course!

Cure your household’s boredom with a day at Rebounderz of Sacramento, and tell all your friends you have found the cure for summer’s boredom epidemic. Happy anti-boredom month from all of us here at Rebounderz!

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