Kids’ Recreation Newport News: Activities to Occupy a Energetic Child

Activities for an Overactive Kid

Energy is what can separate parents from their children. Kids have a sense of youth and explorations that parents typically grow out of. If you have an overactive child, it is best to encourage this type of behavior. Overactive children are far more curious, athletic, and enjoy the adventures of life. Though you might wonder whether their exuberance is natural, we are here to tell you that children are energetic — and that is a good thing!
But with this knowledge, we would like to offer you some activities to preoccupy your child and get out all of their energy. Hopefully, by reading this blog, you will have more ideas to entertain your child and give them the encouragement they need to continue being active little hooligans!

Being Active is a Good Thing

Being a child is about running, jumping, climbing, and shouting for joy. If not when they are young, then when? Studies have shown that children who are raised to live a lethargic lifestyle, never learn to be active in their adult lives. This can obviously be dangerous for the health in the long run, as our health is directly linked to how active we are. Obesity, for example, is a much higher risk for children who have been raised to not enjoy being active. Of course, you don’t have to force your child to be a superstar athlete, but aerobic play is important to encourage, especially when your child is young. This ability to enable your child to be as active as they want can help them develop a positive relationship to physical activity.
At Rebounderz, we are able to provide families with a safe location to play and jump. At our Newport News location, your child can release all of their pent-up energy. And, if you, their parent, would like to join them, Rebounderz allows for jumpers of all ages to participate. But, if the thought of jumping on a trampoline is enough to make your joints ache just thinking about it, we also have a sitting area for parents.
At our indoor trampoline park, we have plenty of activities for your child to entertain themselves with.

Below is a list of some of the attractions we have to entertain your active child.

  • Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
  • Trampoline Arena
  • Trampoline Dodgeball Court

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Our Ninja Warrior obstacle course is designed to help your little warrior climb and maneuver through difficult obstacles. With our help, your little one will be able to crawl through our obstacle course and preoccupy themselves with the twists and turns of our course. If you would like your child to stay active and use their motor skills to maneuver through an obstacle course, Rebounderz has what you need. Instead of trying my make your own obstacle course in your house, Rebounderz has a professional course built just for kids. Keep your child active with our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course!

Trampoline Arena

If our obstacle course is like an appetizer, then our trampoline arena is like the main course. At Rebounderz, we have dozens of trampolines to use and jump of. On our trampolines, your kids can jump for joy and even roll on our trampolines. By using our trampolines, your child can work out their legs, arms, torso, and brain. Bouncing requires most of the muscles in your body to help bounce and keep balance. Most kids won’t realize this, however, and just bounce for the joy of being high in the air. But, while they are jumping, as their parent, you can rest assured that they are getting all of their energy out.

Trampoline Dodgeball Court

On our dodgeball court, your child can use all of the muscles in their body by playing a friendly game of dodgeball. On the court, your kid can jump, throw, duck, dip, dive, and dodge incoming foam balls. All of this activity is sure to help them release their pent-up energy and stay active. Better still, while playing dodgeball on our trampoline court, they can meet other children with the same interests as them.

Why Is Releasing Energy a Good Thing?

Releasing energy, especially for children is a good thing. When kids are cooped up and unable to express their energy, they can begin to grow anxious and even develop bad behaviors. Taking your kid to a trampoline playground, like Rebounderz, give your child the opportunity to tire themselves out. Not only will they be getting the exercise they need, but they will be tired enough to sleep deeply and through the night. As a parent, all you can ask for is that your child is healthy, happy, and well-rested. Rebounderz gives your child the opportunity to expend their energy and get tired for a long and good night’s sleep.

Rebounderz of Newport News, VA

Rebounderz is proud to offer an indoor trampoline arena to the residents of Newport News. At our trampoline park, we can give kids and parents the opportunity to release their energy. Instead of having your child cooped up and repressing their desire to jump and play, bring them to Rebounderz! Our attractions are built to let your child have fun and exert their copious amounts of energy. Our doors are open to those who would like to jump and play! Visit our Newport News location today.9ind

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