Adjusting Your Aim – How to Become an Expert Shot With a Dodgeball

The key to winning a game of dodgeball is throwing with precision and accuracy. If you don’t play baseball or basketball, that’s okay, a game of dodgeball is a little different anyway. With a little practice and remembering a few basics, you can throw the ball and hit your opponents every time, like a true battle-hardened dodgeball warrior. Join us in today’s post as we offer some tips about how to throw to win.

Hold the ball properly.

One of the biggest mistakes that dodgeball players make is executing too much catch and release type play. It may take a few extra seconds to maneuver the ball into a proper holding pattern before launching it at another player, but it is worth it. When you make sure that you are holding the ball properly before throwing it, you are better equipped to land a solid throw. To properly hold a squishy dodgeball, you will just want to ensure that you have a good, solid grip that will allow you to hurl the ball. Some people prefer to grasp the foam and throw, while others prefer to hold it flat-handed, similar to a football. Either way, make sure you hold it properly before your throw. If you don’t take the time to get your grip, you end up tossing a gentle pitch that can easily be dodged or, worse, caught.

Point to aim.

Use your other arm to point to where you are going to throw the ball. Many sports teach this throwing technique, but it is especially important in dodgeball where your targets are always moving. It becomes even more critical to landing your throws when you are also attempting to coordinate your balance on a trampoline during a game of trampoline dodgeball! When you are leaping all over the place rather than standing still, it can be tricky to get the ball to go where you want it to. Simply use your other arm to aim, then launch and release.

Err on the side of “too low.”

In dodgeball, whether in a gym or on a trampoline, it is best to aim low. Not only do headshots not count, but they can be dangerous. A hit to the calf will get your opponent out just as well as one to the shoulder. When you are playing trampoline dodgeball, your opponents will be rebounding just like you, so aiming low can catch them mid-bounce. Balls that are aimed low are much more difficult for the receiver to catch, which in the game of dodgeball is a good thing. Of course, when you aim low, try not to aim too low where you run the risk of throwing it at the floor, causing a dead ball.

Hot potato.

Do not hold on to the ball longer than you have to! The whole point of dodgeball is to hit opposing players with the balls to get them out of play. The longer you are holding on to a ball, the longer your opponents are in play and plotting how to get you out. Don’t give them the opportunity — adopt a hot-potato policy with your dodgeballs and attempt to get rid of them as quickly as you can. Having empty hands also helps you catch incoming balls, which helps you get more opponents out and gets your team members back in play.

Bounce, duck, dip, dive, dodge.

Dodgeball is a thrilling game that is based on the ability of each player to launch the dodgeball like a cannon at their opponents until there is only one player left standing (or rebounding). At Rebounderz of Grand Rapids, we like to turn the fun factor up a few notches by offering dodgeball games on our trampoline dodgeball court! Our specially designed trampoline dodgeball courts are complete with netted walls to keep the balls contained and feature proper court measurements. Our staff provides neutral referees who also explain the rules and ensure the safety of all player. To join in the fun and give your throwing arm a try, stop by your local indoor trampoline park in Jenison today!

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